Buster’s Blog Redux #29 – Our Old USofA Awash in Guns

31 July, 2022

Garsh, Buster, when your old pappy was a young schoolboy (hey, it was less than 100 years ago), the only thing we kids had to worry about was Adolf Hitler and possible air raids.  Yep, we had to leave our classrooms to sit in the hallways in case of an air raid (fortunately, none of old Adolf’s areoplanes ever got near here).

Wow, you were lucky, pap, now the poor lil kids’ teachers are packing heat!  I guess the good old NRA has really made us safe!

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  1. Oh, Buster. You and your Pappy are wise. Teachers don’t have enough pencils. But some people want to give them guns. That’s a special kind of crazy!

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