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Buster the Ferrari Basset:

Memoirs of a Rescued Hound

A beautiful Swedish girl living in Paris moves to Cockeysville, Maryland, to marry a crazy American on the promise of a big dog. They marry, move to the boonies, adopt several big dogs (plus one big cat), and eventually move to the city in order for the girl to become a docent at the Baltimore Museum of Art. At this point, they adopt a Basset Hound whose outlandish antics inspire a book, but the girl is stricken with a horrible and terminal cancer, forcing her to leave the dog named Buster to his old pappy’s tender care.

Buster The Ferbtfbrari Basset would be just one more entry into the crowded category of dog stories. However, this book has some qualities that differentiate it from the standard dog tale.

For one thing, Walt Appel’s reminiscence is not just about the escapades of Buster, nicknamed “the Ferrari Basset” for his energy and speed, qualities atypical of the breed. It is also a love story. The author recounts how he met and married Christina, his Swedish wife. They lived with numerous dogs until Christina’s untimely death due to a brain tumor.

Appel devotes the early chapters to the happy days of their marriage, including some details about Christina’s Swedish traditions, which lends a unique slant to the story. The reader also learns a bit about the dogs (and one large cat named Tigger) that preceded Buster in the Appel household.

When all of the dogs are gone except for Shep, the Appel’s Old English Sheepdog mix, Walt and Christina decide to adopt another dog from BROOD (Basset Rescue of Old Dominion). They learn that there is a “very energetic” one-year old male named Buster available for adoption. Buster becomes part of the Appel household, despite Shep’s reservations.

The remainder of the story revolves around Buster’s shenanigans, and there are quite a few of them. Some of the most humorous happen when there is food around. Buster is acutely aware of food left on a kitchen counter, and he is a master at snitching a scrap (or an entire meal) when the dining room table is left unguarded, even for a moment. Buster rejects his breed’s reputation for being laid-back and lumbering, but, of course, through it all, the mischievous lad is relentlessly endearing.

The accompanying illustrations by two friends are charming and lend a great deal of visual humor and style to the text. A number of photographs are included to help bring the story to life. Buster The Ferrari Basset is an amusing story that any “dog person” will surely enjoy.

Praise for Buster the Ferrari Basset: Memoirs of a Rescued Hound

“The Buster book is definitely a fun read for any dog lover, especially if you have,or have had, a Basset Hound. If you’ve ever had a dog that sometimes tried your patience to the core, but also had a regal character, you will immediately associate with Buster. It is a quick read with more to it than first meets the eye. ” 

“Until I read this, I thought all Bassetts were really laid-back and slept all day. I guess I was wrong -or Buster is the exception. ”

“What a wonderful book! The story of Buster really uncovers the true value of animals, whether rambunctious or very quiet, and the enriching effect they can have in our life.” 

“This is a loving and humorous retrospective of life with not only a demanding basset but also other dogs and a cat as well as a new Swedish and French speaking wife. The illustrations are charming and add a great dimension of character and detail. “

“This is a story of love, silliness, courage and conviction. It is a story of people who adore their pets and pets who are perfectly adorable! If you have a pet, or if you wish you had a pet, I encourage you to sit down with this little book. You will laugh and cry and wish there were more!”

“[Hard] to pin down is the genuinely warm feeling conveyed by this excellent read. Any human living closely with a canine will recognize themselves. You will reminisce on your own pooch’s quirks, and might reflect on how we’re not promised even the already too-short time we might expect with loved ones, four-legged or two-legged.”

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Go West Young Basset:

The Further Exploits of a Rescued Hound

(Buster The Ferrari Basset Book 2)

The dynamic and daring basset hound who captured hearts in Buster The Ferrari Basset takes his charms across this big ol’ country as he and his pappy, Walt, move from the East Coast to Boise, Idaho.

Known for his lightning quick speed—hence the nickname “Ferrari”—and good nature, gwybBuster gleefully agrees when Walt suggests that they try a new life in th
e Gem State. So the two of them pack up and ship out, trucking across 2,400 miles of country to get to the dusty desert town…that happens to have trees.

It doesn’t take long for Buster to resort to his old food-scarfing tricks—or to make friends with the victims of his theft, including one innocent sixth grader at Roosevelt Elementary School.

Told through the eyes of this inimitable four-legged hero, and featuring fantastic illustrations to delight the young and young at heart, Go West Young Basset is a celebration of life, exploration, and the special bond between canines and humans.

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