My name is Buster and I’m an old hound dog.  I’m actually internationally known as Buster the Ferrari Basset – the Ferrari part referring to my quickness, especially in mounting a dinner table and clearing its contests despite other diners’ protests.  A hound dog must do a what a hound dog must do!  You may ask, quite understandably so, just why an old Basset Hound would want to write a blog, especially a political blog.  That’s a good question, and I wish I could come up with a good answer, but to tell the truth, its not entirely clear to me either.  I suppose that I may be a little smarter than your average hound dog and am given to attempting to reason things out.  Goodness knows our tired old world could use a small infusion of reason.  Actually, a number of my friends had suggested I throw my hat in


to the ring in aught eight.  I might have considered it, but I’d never heard of a hound dog running for President though we’ve certainly had some unusual characters do just that and a few were even successful.

Also, I get really tired of listening to my old pappy complain about the state of the country, the world, and who ever else may be out there.  You see, my old pappy was once a bean counter, at a time, as he puts it, when they balanced the books regularly.  He doesn’t approve of the way a lot of companies are run now-a-days, not to mention the banks and stock markets.

So, with that sordid backdrop, I thought I’d put my two cents in to the pot, so to speak.  Come to think of it, I guess its been a while since two cents meant very much. Well, there are an awful lot of things going on which could benefit from some serious thought, but as Pappy would say, “You must set priorities,” or one could also phrase it, “First things first!”




    1. Thanks, I’m thinking about making that nice Miss Jones an Auntie! You’re correct, my old pappy is always thinking he can get along just fine without his trusty hound dog; like the time he thought he could go out without me, and wound up tripping and breaking his hip!

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  1. Dear Buster, I am so glad to have found your Blog. I plan to visit it daily. My name is Singer, I am a retired Canadian Champion red and while male Basset Hound, and now I live in Chicago, IL. I think your political opinion is very important. We Bassets are known for our candor, and there is no grey area for us. We are plain speakers, and you know where you stand with us. If you don’t know, we will be happy to let you know.

    I am not a beer person. Beer tastes like mouthwash to me. Somebody told me that you have to drink when it is ice cold. I tried that and it tasted like ice cold mouthwash to me. I like drinks with interesting names: Harvey Wallbanger, Singapore Sling, Long Island Ice Tea, Smoke Cloud, etc.


    1. Thanks for following my blog, Singer, though I don’t think you need to check on me every day. My old pappy, who is also my chief and only typist, is a bit of a procrastinator, so we don’t have a fixed schedule. I think you will be notified by email when we post a new blog. I think old pap may be firing up soon for another go at understanding this crazy prez contest. Thanks again, and I am impressed. I’ve never met a champion before!!


  2. Hi buster! I hear lots about you today from your owner at the doctors office . You sound like a great dog and pal .


    1. Dear Mountain Laurel (or Merryland Laurel, if you insist, My old pappy still thinks he can go out without his guide doggie. Last time he tripped and busted his hip; now he had to spend a week in old St Lukes to get his A. Fib. His pals back east said, “Waddaya mean a fib, you used to tell a dozen of them a week!


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