Blog #32: The Mid-Term Exams have come and gone.

Well, the votes have been cast and tallied, and it would certainly appear that the good old Demoblicans have taken a drubbing. There are explanations aplenty, and they vary widely depending on the source. My old pappy and I think there were two main factors at work. One, it seems the Republicrats were ingeniously able to convince a goodly number of voters that the gnawing anxiety they feel concerning the future just happens to be the fault of our poor old President Obama. The other, a more subtle phenomenon, is very likely the normal prejudice that many older voters feel regarding persons of a different hue from themselves and with whom they probably have never had any kind of personal relationship.

If you recall, last week in my Blog 31, pappy and I urged everyone to get out and vote, reminding y’all that the right to choose our govamint has been granted, in fits and starts, to most citizens (having attained the age of 18 years) of our good old U.S.ofA. Our situation in this regard is relatively rare among nations across our dear old Mother Earth. Yet only barely over one third of our eligible voters were able to get to the polls or mail in ballots.

This means that almost two thirds of us were willing to let somebody else decide who will make the laws under which we all must live. Most of us would be more than incensed if someone were to try to tell us what clothes we could wear, what we could eat, or what shows we could watch on our beloved Tellys. Yet, here we are, abdicating one of the most precious and important responsibilities a citizen possesses!

“Millennials,” in particular, stay away from the voting booth to their ultimate peril, since they will be the beneficiaries of our crumbling infrastructure, massive public debt, and pathetically divided society.

My regular readers, of course, are aware that my old pappy and I do not put much stock in either of our two political parties. If there could be any bright side to our horrific political situation, it must be the two thirds of the populace who are not interested in playing their silly games. Of course, the few past attempts at third party formation have not played very well, yet it is kind of pleasant to contemplate: Were this many souls to somehow be energized and organized………

I may need another nap!


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