Blog #38: Good old Buster returning to the fray – (Originally Titled – You can’t make this stuff up!)

Apologies all around.  I was aware that old pappy and I hadn’t posted for a while, but our last communication was actually February 24th, and here we are trying to convince y’all that our dear old U.S.of A. is in dire straits and needs immediate assistance.

I honestly don’t know how we got so messed up.  Pappy did go out East for a visit with family and friends in May and June, barely surviving the 24/7 party atmosphere over there, but we obviously have also wasted a bunch of time surrounding that trip.

Well, it’s back to work, not that any weird happenings have been suspended during our little hiatus.  Quite the contrary:  the wild and woolly Republicrats barely kept Homeland Security at it’s posts of duty, the Supreme court made a couple of amazing decisions (to the chagrin of those old “conservatives”), and we are right back in the “Do as we say, or we’ll shut down the Govamint” mode of the current GOP led congress!

Much worse, a bunch of overzealous policemen continued killing unarmed citizens, and more resulting civil unrest was on display in a number of towns including old pap’s beloved Charm City.  Things had quieted down back in Baltimore by the time pappy was there, but the horrid living conditions for many residents in his old hometown are unchanged.

Old pap and I recognize that this unsustainable situation has existed in most of our large cities for many years with virtually no political will to change it.  We believe there to be a step which can be taken immediately as a first move to redeeming our cities and the beleaguered citizens suffering inside them.  We discussed this step in Blog #18, back on the Fourth of July, 2014,  a reorganization of our bloated military.  We believe major revisions to the M/IC (Military/Industrial Complex) are long overdue.  We’ll return to this plan as well as remedies for other problems during the coming year.


Prior to pappy’s eastern trip, we had begun this blog #38 with the following exclamation:

“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!”  (many folks would probably use more harsh terms)

Hey, our fellow Amuricans!  Who have we collectively elected to represent us down there in Washington, D.C?  A bunch of Yahoo’s, or what?

Now, they have funded the Department of Homeland Security (our supposed frontline of defense against terrorist attacks) for six days; not six months or six years, but SIX DAYS!  This wackiness at a time when the bad guys are threatening and preparing to bomb our shopping malls!  Hey, it’s not like they’re going after our power supply, our water supply, or even our kid’s schools – they’re threatening our very soul – the malls!!

I mean, come on, guys and girls down there in our Capitol, it’s one thing if you’re going to insist on our infrastructure going to heck in a hand-basket, or our kids’ education becoming last in the civilized world (even worse-politicized, too!), but now you want to ignore the place where we go to pray to the gods of materialism?  Who do you think is going to provide all those great jobs at starvation wages?  Also, just how do you think we are going to be able to mint thousands of new billionaires each year, if we have no place to SHOP??

Back at the end of 2014, old pap and I were asking, “How does it look for the leader of the free world to only be able to plan ahead for 9 months?”  That was when those denizens of the halls of deliberation known as our “Congress” were passing the somewhat infamous “Cromnibus” Bill (folding in an “omnibus spending measure” with a “continuing resolution) to fund the Federal Govamint operations until September of 2015 (except, of course, that frivolous expenditure for Homeland Security).

Well, naturally, at the last possible moment a month or so later, the rascals passed a measure allowing the good folk at H. S. to continue their work of trying to keep the old homeland relatively free of terrorist activities.


So, here we are in the end of August, 2015, and the congressional ladies and gentlemen are back home on holiday with the good old Republicrats again threatening to shut the whole Govamint down if poor old POTUS doesn’t relent and give in to some of their wackiest demands.

Well, guess that’s “business as usual” down there in the cradle of democracy!  Following up on the idea of “interminable absurdity” (hey, could that be another phrase coined by yours truly?), we now know what The Donald is up to; darned if he isn’t leading a whole pack of Republicrat Presidential aspirants.  Implausible as it sounds, that dear old financial wizard of the high-end real estate world is, at least momentarily, the hands-down favorite of suspected Republicrat voters.  Now, ain’t that a kick in the head?

Got to let you in on this little quote from that beacon of journalistic pride, the National Review: “Trump is sucking the most talented GOP presidential field in a generation down the gaping event horizon that is his huge (spelled with a Y) mouth.”


Yes, kiddos, beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder.

Now, The Donald must be acknowledged as a phenomenon for sure, and obviously he is adored by a good many of our disgruntled citizens who rightly believe that our dear old U.S.of A. is rapidly heading south, but wrongly place the blame for this sad state of affairs squarely on the poor old Federal Govamint.  I believe they get this misconception about who is responsible from some of those delightful founts of misinformation, such as good old Rush (the Limburger), Bill O’Reilly, and a number of other “talking heads” and behinds.

Actually, even somewhat more stable “news” outlets can at times spread some questionable information, to wit: Old pap heard on the Public Broadcasting System a piece about the Stock Markets.  Thereon, a learned Professor of Economics was quoted as saying, “Don’t worry about “the Stock Market” it is not the Economy, and less ‘everyday’ people own stocks now than in the past.”  That may be true to an extent, but many of those everyday people have their retirement money (when they have any) in 401K plans which are mostly invested in “the Stock Market.”  A really scary situation!  Apparently, the old adage about not believing anything you hear, and only half of what you see, is still appropriate.

Golly, here comes Teddy Cruz, that whiz from the great State of Texas, inviting The Donald to join him next month in a big show in D.C. to denounce the negotiated Iran Nuke Deal.  Talk about strange bed partners!  In that same vein, this proposed gathering is to be sponsored by, among some others, the Tea Party and the American Jewish Congress.  Ted has also tweeted that he will fight to “defund” Planned Parenthood.  Can you believe this dude spent some time in, not only Princeton and Harvard, but also the Harvard Law School.  Old pap and I wouldn’t have believed it either if we hadn’t seen the August 30 issue of the Bloomberg Business Week cover: “DUMBER ARE GETTING LAWYERS?”

Not to be out-done as the 2016 presidential “race” gets off to a roaring start, dear old Hill is cracking jokes with the journalists who are asking her those pesky, picayune questions about her email servers, while good old Bernie is burning up the campaign trail up there in New Hampshire and even down in Dixie.

WHOOP!  WHOOP!  This stuff promises to be more entertaining than any of those other “Reality” shows we all love so much on our beloved Tellys!

Editors note:  Unfortunately, these people are not supposed to be our entertainment committee; unbelievably, they purport to be serious Presidential Timber.


Now, as you may have guessed, there is an awful lot of ugly stuff going on both here and abroad which needs attention, and pappy and I promise to stay on the job (now that he is finally beginning to recover from that disastrous east coast soiree) and ferret out a tad of uncommon sense if possible.  Next week, we’ll share a thought or two on the aforementioned SCOTUS decisions.


Bus and pap.

Phew...glad pappy's back!
Phew…glad pappy’s back!

This just in:  Reportedly, China’s President Xi Jinping and his advisors have stated their desire to make consumption, not exports, the main engine of their economy.  Dang! While we, here in the good old U.S.of A. don’t make any real products that we can export anymore, we apparently found one exportable item which we certainly  have in abundance, “CONSUMERISM.”

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