Blog #42: The Pope’s in Town!

Holy See, Batman. Pope Francis was right here in the good old U.S. of A.

Boy oh Boy, did he cause a lot of excitement, too. Well, not everywhere, but for sure out East there, both at the past and present Cradles of Democracy, as well as up in the Big Apple, home of some of the ugliest phenomena of Capitalism. The Faithful as well as a few of the ner-do-wells down there in good old Washington, D.C. turned out in great numbers to get a glimpse of the Holy Father, Interestingly, he drove into town from the airport in a little Fiat, flanked on all sides by a sea of big black armored SUV’s which were ostensibly filled with heavily armed secret service personnel. His subsequent tours around the Capital were made riding in a modified Pope-mobile. He would also visit the Big Apple and the home of the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia. His entire visit, of course, presented a humongous challenge for the security persons wherever he lighted.

In his address to our national Congress, he spoke of all the most important challenges facing the human race today, including ethnic and political polarization, xenophobia, poverty, environmental deterioration, and denial of basic human rights. He began by addressing his host country as the “land of the free and home of the brave,” and “encouraged” us on a number of occasions to do what we can to help solve the problems facing the world. He did remind us that we are all “foreigners” and “descendants of immigrants,” while tasking us with helping resettle migrants from war-torn areas around the world.

The next day, at the United Nations, he repeated his pleas to the world body, stressing the urgency of the need for cooperation among all nations.

He didn’t offer his urgings in a pontificating manner, but rather as common sense approaches to remediating the many dehumanizing and unsustainable practices which have become commonplace in all of our societies. Old pappy and I believe this Gentle Man from the Vatican City to be, among many other things, a pretty darned good salesman, and he has one heck of a bunch of good products to peddle.

Hopefully those persons who heard his pleadings will at least examine their own ideas to see how they correlate with efforts to improve the lot of our fellow earthlings.

Yours in harmony, ole Bus.

2nd Attempt at Everest copy

Sherpas removing trash from Mt. Everest. Nepal now charges expeditions $4000 if they fail to bring their trash back down!  You may wish to view my Blog #10 The Environment.

My old pappy and I do not discuss religion in our blog as we have absolutely no expertise in this subject. Well, you might say, that lack of knowledge hasn’t seemed to stop you in the areas of Politics and Economics. To that matter, we can only repeat the old adage that “no one is perfect.” So, today’s blog just reflects our humble opinion that Pope Francis appears to represent the kinder side of human nature.

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