Blog #49: Hatred An Unfortunate Human Trait

Yesterday, in the beautiful city of Paris the world witnessed a horrible example of misdirected religious fervor and hatred. This morning, in our good old U.S. of A. one of our presidential aspirants, Teddy Cruz, took full advantage of that tragedy to use a free attack ad (compliments of Fox “News”) to lambast President Obama. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, The Donald lamented the fact that all those Frenchmen were not “carrying!” Unseemly responses!

While politics has never been a particularly civil field of endeavor, it seems to have gotten worse here at home in recent years. As old pap and I have stated in my past blogs, our two political parties seem intent on having half of us hate the other half, and the second half detest the first. To some measure they have been successful, resulting in the advent of Blue states and Red states. Fortunately, the Reds and Blues are not conveniently segregated as were the Union and Confederate States in preparation for the Civil War. Were that the case at the present time, those danged fools on either side might try to find a means to set us off to a civil conflict!

We can only hope the escalating threats from ISIS will be a catalyst for unifying our divergent political parties. We, Amuricans can’t afford to be divided given the number and intensity of situations of unrest around our world.

Peace, Buster and pap

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