Blog #79: Bastille Day

Yesterday morning old pap and I reflected on the French Bastille Day, and we thought about old Bernie’s Revolution. In the course of human events, Revolution is sometimes the only plausible solution to situations which are grossly unfair to most of us human beans, and Bernie’s peaceful one is absolutely necessary if our tired old country is to be healed.

Surrendering to reality, we intended to post our thoughts on our current political atmosphere, but due to my very old pappy’s procrastinating nature, he didn’t get our thoughts typed up until this morning. Here is what we were noodling:

While most of the Republicrats, and, of course, that bastion of “fair and balanced,” Fox “News” have coalesced around their much-maligned hero, Bernie is now “with” Hillary. So, away we go!  Also, the Don was about to name his VP choice, a process drawn out as he would his “firings” on his TV show – for maximum effect. Plus, we had Justice Ginsburg slip, and speak the truth about the illustrious candidate. Such excitement!

Then, last night in Nice another lunatic took matters into his own hands, killing at last count 84 revelers watching the Bastille Day fireworks, and mauling many more. The political response on good old Fox “News” this morning was almost as dramatic as the footage of the terrorist act. Geraldo, their token “liberal” was ranting, first about how the tragedy in Nice was all President Obama’s fault, and then how The Donald should (and we’re sure he will) urge Congress to declare War on ISIS and the caliphate. A few of their retired generals chimed in with ideas on sending in the marines, etc. and wiping out those Islamic Terrorists posthaste. Then, a TV judge and a former pentagon official, two Fox contributor gals who were visibly upset, allowed as how all this terror business “started” when (you guessed correctly again) old Prez Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq and went all “political correctness.”

As you may imagine, old pap and I don’t totally subscribe to all of these insightful analyses by the Fox “expert” contributors.

As we retire for the evening, Turkey is in chaos, again, and the Donald has his VP on board, unless he changes his mind overnight.

Hang in there, Buster and his teetering old pappy.


  1. I’m always astounded and how easily the Foxites cast blame for the world’s ills on Obama and his mostly-pullout of Iraq, yet refuse to acknowledge why we needed a pullout in the first place — W’s baseless, offensive, and illegal war, started under false pretenses. But such is (their) reality . . .


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