Blog #86: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

This wild and crazy prez contest is getting more and more weird by the minute! Poor old Hillary has an “open mouth, insert foot” moment when she makes the now infamous “deplorables” comment. (Wow, what an opening for the best darned con artist since good old Charlie Ponzi). Now, she’s hauled off the playing field with pneumonia. Now, pneumonia can happen to anyone of a certain age who over-exerts themselves, and even the old orange one conveyed his sympathy.

Speaking of marvels of understatement – In my Blog #85 – Education….Politics, old pap and I mentioned that we felt that Secretary Clinton is not a total con artist. Well, in another understated comment, she made her cheerful admission a while back that she was a very bad campaigner. No kidding! How else could this race possibly be anywhere near close?

Obviously, we were thinking of both of these prez hopeful characters when we attached the title to this goofy Blog! They alternate back and forth almost every day or so, saying or doing the absolutely dumbest things imaginable, seemingly trying their best to hand that elusive victory thingy over to the other guy! The con man will utter hateful edicts (as though he were already in charge) about handling every aspect of our lives, and then good old Hillary will join him in his name-calling game, giving him an opportunity to actually appear almost gentlemanly. Good old Newt Gingrich even applauded the Donald’s insistence on not calling old Putin bad names, though he didn’t seem to mind that his sudden hero called all his fellow Amurican competitors plenty of real bad names.

Gosh, if you’re wondering what to get your Republicrat pals for Christmas, how about one of those snazzy, “I’m a Trump Deplorable” ball caps? Didn’t see them on his web site yet, but this con man is nothing if not an opportunist, he’ll be selling them.

Where this bloody match winds up is anybody’s guess, but as we also opined in old #85, Secretary Clinton, contrary to her opponent, is not likely to overturn the human rights progress of the last 50 years. Mr. Trump, notwithstanding what good old Fox “news” wants you to believe, will also be a disaster for our economy. Other than his “reality” TV show, his business ventures have been disastrous, not so much for him, but definitely for his credulous partners. We all better hope that this swaggering fool out-stumbles Hillary, or he and his Republicrat comrades will very likely drive our poor old country right over the cliff. We are still trying to recover from the fiscal disaster wrought by the old B movie cowboy, and will quite likely never recover from the military adventures initiated by the village idiot from Texas, with lots of help from the Military/Industrial Complex. So, we surely don’t need another disaster on Pennsylvania Avenue.

This election is not only, or even mostly, about the fear and hatred being promoted by Fox “news” and Mr. Trumpf. It is quite simply about whether big money continues to have such powerful influence over how our country’s business is conducted. The almost unbelievable wealth and income inequality in our current economy is destroying the very fabric of our society, and it is not just happenstance. Our tax laws are bought and paid for by big money to ensure that wealth remains with the tiny group at the top of our economic scale. Poverty is now more widespread than ever before, even worse than during the Great Depression, and the so-called middle class is shrinking, as more and more families sink into the poverty level. This situation is definitely unsustainable.

Of course, the wealthy don’t seem to notice because their “systems” are so entrenched as to leave them mostly unaffected. Take for example the corporate follies of recent weeks: Wells Fargo is hit with $185Million in fines for defrauding their customers, then provides a likely perp executive a $125Million parachute (while also firing 5,000 “low level” employees). That bastion of fair and balanced reporting of the whole truth, Fox “news,” agrees to pay former anchor, Gretchen Carlson $20Million to settle her lawsuit against ex-CEO Roger Ailes, after sending him off with a $40Million parachute. When old pap and I complain about Corporations getting too big, could we be on to something?

Wealth is not intrinsically corrupting, and certainly all wealthy people are not bad; consider old FDR, who had a few bucks, but was still responsible for our most socially responsible legislation ever. The problem seems to be that some folks who have accumulated sizable wealth get to feeling they are above all laws and mores, especially if they’ve inherited much of their wealth. This, of course, couldn’t apply to our hero, The Donald, after all, he only started with a few measly $million loan from his pappy, and later inherited only maybe 40 or 50 Mill.

If Wall Street and the Big Multinationals can’t be controlled, there’s little hope for our good old U.S.ofA. returning to a civil society.

Keep smiling, we got lotsa health records now, NO taxes yet, Bus and old pap.

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