Blog #90F: This Fox “news” Thingy – (6th and hopefully last Installment) – UGH!

Dang! Awakening, old pap and I realized our dream became nightmare – The Donald will probably not be able to start his own TV Channel (at least not yet), which means that Fox will retain its rabid audience, continuing to present their version of the world with their new motto, “inaccurate and without merit.”

This morning, they started off with that old law man, Rudy Giuliani, pontificating on whether or not Prez Obama should “pardon” Secretary Clinton. They were also interested in whether he was going to be offered the job of Attorney General, and if so, would he accept it. Good old Rudy said that he really wants to first invent the solution to “cyber security.” Well, what the heck, old Al invented the internet, didn’t he?

Of course, their big story was the riots by disappointed Trump haters, and the coddling of distraught students by “liberal” colleges, such as having puppies available to console them.. ABC noted that most of the protests were peaceful.

Well, enough Fox “news!”

We’re sure sorry to learn that these fools will still be spreading fear and hatred, causing so many of our fellow Amuricans to be more stupid every day. I told old pappy that he could stop tuning in to them once the election was over, so he is relieved.

Turn off those “damned” tellies, folks, please!

your pal, Buster.

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