Blog #96: “Fidel Castro is dead!” DJT. — Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Wow!

Well, this old dawg isn’t sure if our Prez-Elect is taking credit, as he is often want to do, or if he is merely stating the truth, which of course is not his habit. Anyway, old Fidel has gone on to his reward, remembered as a horrible dictator or a champion of the proletariat, depending mainly on one’s place in the economic scale. The dude was a true revolutionary, but got caught up as a pawn in the cold war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

So, what are we doing up here on the mainland in the land of plenty and home of the brave? Okay, they’re celebrating in “Little Havana,” and most of the rest of us are just darned thankful that we are so very blessed with our credit cards and Walmarts. We’ve survived Black Friday, another day older and deeper in debt, and Cyber Monday is upon us. After we catch our breath, there will be another whole slew of bargains awaiting us on Super Saturday.

Retailers from Wine Shops to Furniture Stores are slashing prices by 30, 40, and even 50 percent. Garsh, even the United States Golf Association is knocking off 15% from their over-priced clothing and golf accessories! We are truly blessed!
True to form, never missing an opportunity, the Trump clan, while not necessarily mentioning discounts. had Ivanka hawking her $10,000.00 baubles from the White House. Ya gotta love it!

Amidst all this joy, comes the super-sales dude, promising to make Amurica Great Again. Ain’t this great enough? Can we stand any more?

I Suppose we are about to find out. That “trickle down economics” has worked so well for all of us in the 99%, our Prez-Elect is planning to give some more tax cuts to the 1 percenters so they can trickle a bit more down our way. Oh, joy and rapture!

We are definitely underwhelmed, Buster and pappy.

Oh, PS: Almost forgot to mention: Old pap broke down this morning and caught a tad of good old Fox “news” and the short skirted one. They’re back to bashing old Hillary – over Jill Stein’s recount effort! Hey, Jill can’t be all bad though, she uses the same hair coloring as Bernie and my old pappy use.

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