Blog #140: Six Months In And On The Brink

We have a situation here – two madmen holding the reins of their respective governments, both desperately trying to save themselves, and both becoming increasingly belligerent. In one case, the protagonist’s accomplices are too scared to replace him, in the other, they are too greedy. It’s hard to imagine this stand-off ending happily!

We know that our “Moron” in the White House is crazy, so it is plausible to believe he may view lil Kim Jung Un as his “ace in the hole.” If I can look tough enough, he could be thinking, those poll numbers will go up. One internet wag even opined, “He may be thinking that “nuking” North Korea could make him Historically Significant.” Meanwhile, the telly folk are chatting about surviving a nuclear attack in Hawaii, and shifting seamlessly to commercials touting a remedy for your ED or COPD, or whatever. Then, our good old Secretary of State, Tillerson, says, “Americans should sleep well at night.” Huh?

Our old boy surely loves “his” generals, and fortunately, he finally found a couple good ones. He must have learned that appreciation during his time at that Military School his pappy thought might “straighten him out.” That’s also where he must have heard the “locked and loaded” term. Apparently, they were still fighting the civil war at that place. We all better hope ole Mad Dog Mattis is ready!

Ever notice that doctors don’t offer much health advice beside prescribing drugs? Well, there’s the obvious, they’re only compensated for the drugs (all expenses paid “medical” conferences in swank venues, etc.), but they are deathly scared of lawsuits, too, and for good reason. However, you don’t hear much about “tort” reform in the congressional healthcare discussions. Those old attorneys know where to spend their money, too. It is doubtful that a logical healthcare plan will ever emerge from those hallowed halls with all the special interest cash slushing around. Medicare For All sounds to be the way to go, and then fight like the devil to give Medicare the tools to bring big Pharma and oversized hospitals to heal.

Old pap and I haven’t forgotten our “real solution” (the 3rd Party), we’re noodling that stuff constantly, while trying to keep you up to speed on the ugly day-to-day stuff. PS: Pap saw a little blurb on the old Moron’s golf game – you don’t even want to hear about it!

17-8-2 11 August 2017

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