Blog #163: A Reformed The Donald!?!

Holy Guacamole! Could the fervent wish of those fearless Republicrats have come true, and Our Old First Fool have actually submitted to the severity of his office and started acting “presidential?” You could be forgiven for thinking such an amazing transformation had taken place had you seen the sober images of the old fool after his “epic” meeting with young Kim Jong Un over there in Singapore, where he meekly agreed to end our “war” games with South Korea. Wow, young Kim must have read something about the innate cowardice of bullies. For whatever reason, tough guy Trump stayed home!

Another possibility could be that he still has his attention set on that Nobel Peace Prize. You see, he can erase most of the progress made by old Prez Obama merely by signing his ubiquitous “executive orders,” but that Obama Nobel has to be still bugging him, Plus, he may have heard that the old Norwegians might place a bit of stock on civility, a usually foreign concept to him, and decided to give it a whirl.

Well, suppose we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, at least the old moron, sometimes residing at 1600 PA Avenue, has for the moment forgotten his saber rattling, and put his Big Red Button on hold!

We’ll keep ya posted folks, Buster. Come on pappy, we got to get those goofy Demoblicans off their imagined laurels!

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  1. Much pomp, little substance. Trump’s caving, fawning, and pandering to a dictator was likewise troubling. Like everything else this administration does on the global stage, I can’t shake the feeling that the real winner was Russia.


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