Buster’s Blog Beyond #63 – Euphoria meets Reality –  9 November 2020

Buster, laddie, no sooner than you wrote your “Hope is still alive” blog, while people were dancing in the streets in celebration, our crazy old Tweeter-in-Chief sent his legal staff out to challenge the ballot counting in several states.  This old fool will not accept defeat graciously, not only because he has “no redeeming qualities,” as old Robert De Niro said in your Blog#41, but, also, because he CAN’T!  His illness, which you diagnosed some time ago, EPPS, Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome, inflated his ego while he was a mere child to such a degree that his mind has no ability to think rationally.  Of course, the American Psychiatric Association has never confirmed your diagnosis, since their very strict Code of Professional Ethics does not allow a diagnosis without an examination of the patient.  What a shame that their Code doesn’t address their habit of prescribing Big Pharma’s narcotics freely and profusely.

That’s right, pap, the poor man is truly disabled, and of course will thrash away denying his defeat in the election until the medics sedate him, and take him away in the white coat.  Unfortunately, his enablers, those “once conservative” Repulsican Senators will not face the truth and allow him to be properly removed.  Left alone, he will cause even more havoc in this two month period until he is removed than he did during the first three years of his term in office.

Yes, Bus, I suppose one could cut the president a bit of slack if he hadn’t done a particularly good job, and wasn’t a very nice fellow, but this dude is a 3-way loser, for goodness sakes.  He is a self-described sexual predator (come on, ladies, you’d vote for a clown who brags about grabbing you by your private area), he’s a mass murderer (he admits he downplayed his plague, and now, a quarter of a million are dead), plus, he’s a traitor to our dear old USofA.  At old Vladimir’s direction, he’s unraveled our alliances with our European allies, weakened our intelligence agencies and military by installing his inept clowns in strategic positions, and allowed our adversaries to expand their influence by shrinking away from our joint defense agreements.  It certainly seems that a rational person could not pardon these types of behavior in anyone, much less our president.

True that, pappy, and the horribly scary fact is that some 71 million of our fellow Amuricans voted to retain the old Moron.  You mentioned that you saw that one of our very own Merryland official persons stated in the morning paper that her “faith in our country has been restored.”  As an old hound doggie, i’d have to tell her that it will take a tad more than this razor-thin victory to make me comfortable with our electorate as a whole.  To me, it says that poor old Unca Joe and Kamala will have one heck of a job to unite this misinformed group of citizens with the rest of us.  They have been misled by the old ogre in the oval office and, of course, by fox alternative news to the point that they no longer have any conception of reality.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that old Unca Joe has a great handle on the serious nature of this problem.  He speaks of uniting our people as though their minds are somewhat open to such a thing. I’d say, we’re in for a long winter of doubt.

Ya know, Buster, I remember a time when us old Amuricans differed over stuff like: “Do you prefer reading the exploits of Dick Tracey or Jack Armstrong,” or “who’s the best dancer, Fred Astaire of Gene Kelly?”  Obviously these disagreements are a far cry from our troubles of today.  Fox and old T. Rump have tapped into the awful fear many of our people have that they are being duped and cheated out of prosperity by someone…trouble being, they are blaming the “government,” and foreigners such as the Chinese and Mexicans, when the real culprits happen to be our very own corporate CEO’s, who pay themselves handsomely for sending our work to foreign countries where they don’t have to pay living wages.  On top of all our problems, we have this lunatic who won’t leave the White House, except to go to his golf clubs.  Much of our country was already struggling, and now, with The Trumpian Plague and it’s attending depression, we are in what one could call a “Revolting Development!

You said it, pap, a hundred years from now, people will look up “Revolting Development,” and our example will be right there in the Oxford Unabridged!

Oh, you are a clever one, Bus, and let’s devote our time now to helping Unca Joe and Kamala find the means to right our ship of state.  I’m thimking of your thoughts from back in your Blog #162, Ideas for Saving Our Dear Old USoA, from June 1, 2018.  It will need some dusting off and sprucing up, but the ideas are still fine.  We can help them get our old Amuricans back to work!



  1. I’ll, admit, fellas, I’m concerned. I knew the orange lord wouldn’t accept defeat easily, but the degree of republican enabling, the firing of defense officials, and all that’s going on right now does not bode well. It’s critical that our institutions hold off this, what can only be described as, attempted coup.


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