Blog #16: A Plan In Progress

Anyone who has read all, or even a few of my Basset Hound blogs could not be blamed for feeling just a bit depressed or even downright sad about the state of our good old U.S. of A.  As a matter of fact, if by some odd chance you are not concerned about our future, you would definitely be a member of that very fortunate group described as cockeyed optimists.  

Actually, I believe that a fairly large member of our fellow citizens are indeed concerned and maybe even dismayed regarding the current state of affairs.  So, over the next few weeks I propose to suggest a few ideas for rectifying or at least mollifying some of our worst problems.  Certainly, given the state of opinion and politics in our midst at the moment, a few of you may even agree with my thoughts, much less sensible ones, anyway.

Next week please watch for ideas on how to use our fomidable military establishment a bit more profitably.  I’m thinking that the 4th will be an appropriate date for this posting  — whilst I am eating my antihistamine tablets to calm firework nerves!





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