Blog #17: A Plan in Progress (REVISED)

Howdy, folks, It’s just old Buster back – I found it necessary to repost Blog # 16. My old pappy appears to be pushing the normal state of old age decline to the limits, so I’m just correcting a couple of mistakes and omissions from the oringinal post.

Don’t forget, day after tomorrow, the good old 4th of July, I’ll be reporting from my foxhole, whilst wearing my Thunder Shirt and scarfing my Benadryl! The subject – ideas on how to use our formidable military establishment a bit more profitably!!

Anyone who has read all, or even a few of my Basset Hound blogs could not be blamed for feeling just a bit depressed or even downright sad about the state of our good old U.S. of A. I’m beginning to wonder if a hound dog can develop ESPN. Suddenly, I’m hearing cries of despair and soulful lamentations such as, “Oh, what’s to become of us; what’s to be done?”  As a matter of fact, if by some odd chance you are not concerned about our future, you would definitely be a member of that very fortunate group, sometimes described as cockeyed optimists.

Actually, I believe that a fairly large number of our fellow citizens are indeed concerned and maybe even dismayed regarding the current state of affairs.  So, over the next few weeks I propose to suggest a few ideas for rectifying or at least mollifying some of our worst problems.  Certainly, given the state of opinion and politics in our midst at the moment, a few of you may even agree with my thoughts, while many will feel obliged to take issue with them. Never mind – a hound dog isn’t expected to have thoughts, much less sensible ones, anyway.

Cheers, Buster.


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