We Need a Unified Approach on How to Tackle the IS Monster

Buster and his old pappy agree with all you are saying here, JC. Hopefully, the terrible ISIS threat might be ugly enough to pull us together, as the Nazis did in WWII. That is a task that is extremely elusive. For some odd reason we human beans seem to enjoy stupidly disagreeing about almost everything. For instance, among a lot of other things, here in the good old U.S.ofA., we’re even fighting about measles and the vaccines which can prevent them! So, sensible cooperation won’t be easy to bring about, but we must keep trying.

Sweden and the Middle East Views

When the news about the by IS murdered Jordanian pilot Moaz Al Kassabeh I wondered how can people become so barbaric. We have seen the case before, many times in our history, but no people have been so boasting and open about the horrifying crimes they are committing. After previous crimes against humanity, surviving criminals of the genocide in Rwanda, the Yugoslavian civil war have gone underground and denied their crimes. But IS just had to show the world how perverse they are, as if it’s all just a game on real life TV.

I wrote a blog post last summer about the origin of IS, “How Do You Become an ISIS terrorist?“, where I pointed out the failure of the previously well functioning Iraqi society as the starting factor for such a terrorist group to establish and become strong. That doesn’t mean that I don’t see the…

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