The Subject of “Immigration” Has Hijacked Our Lives

As I’m sure you are aware, here in the good old U.S.ofA., we are having major arguments about immigration, also. Here, it is the two political parties that mainly “fuel the fire.” Seldom do you hear the typical Amurican discussing the subject in conversation. Still, it is the prejudices that people can’t seem to overcome, probably mainly because they really don’t try to “know” the immigrants personally. I’m reblogging this article so that my Swedish Brother-in-law will see your comments. He worked with immigrants for quite a few years some time ago.

Sweden and the Middle East Views

A while ago I came back to Sweden after being abroad on a humanitarian mission for eight months. It’s always a minor culture shock to come back after a humanitarian mission, but what struck me the most this time was not usual differences; the rainy winter, the small changes in the street fashion, new songs on the radio – but how the topic of immigration has seeped into each and every conversation.

While I was away, Sweden held an election in which the populist right-winged party Sverigedemokraternadoubled their support and scored an amazing 13% of the votes, despite for example my own eager attempt to stop them by mailing my vote from the Asian country where I was. The main topics that Sverigedemokraterna made their election issues, are immigrants, refugees, the economy (unclear how), the elderly population, and immigrants again. Even before the most recent election in 2014, the…

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