Blog #37: Revolution? Is it possible? Is it too late?

Poor old POTUS, now former Big Apple Mayor Giuliani (whose 15 minutes of fame certainly went to his head) is questioning the Commander-in-Chief’s love for our good old U.S.of A. When did stating facts become unpatriotic? Are pap and I missing something; is telling the truth now unAmurican? Well, anyway, with his latest criticism of the Prez, old Rudy has snagged another 15 minutes.

You really must wonder how ignorance became so popular in our politics!


If you read our last posting (Blog #36 ), you may remember that old pap and I allowed ourselves to dream a tad. Since there are so many of us Amuricans being disenchanted by the status quo of our political system, we’re thinking, wishing is more like it, that a real “grassroots” party might be possible. The obstacles are of course enormous, mainly being the “free cash flow” from the wonderfully wealthy folk in both the Republicrat and the Demoblican parties who benefit mightily from the inability of our legislators to change the systems which made them filthy rich.

Howsomever, considering that some third world countries, when we haven’t preemptively invaded them, have been able to effect relatively peaceful revolutions, one could be forgiven for believing that here in our ubiquitous social media land positive change is also feasible. Unfortunately, it seems that most of our burgeoning social media landscape is filled with gobs of trivia. Perhaps this is the case because a huge preponderance of the tech-savvy users are very young people. This fact should not prohibit these media from being used by thoughtful concerned citizens reaching out to others in efforts to promote discussion of our dear land’s problems.

Yet, old pap and I fear that hardly anyone out there in these disgruntled states of ours has much of a clue as to why we are so concerned.

As you know, my old pappy and I are attempting to discuss serious matters here in my little blog, but unfortunately we are not savvy in the ways of attracting a large number of readers. Hence, our passionate warnings and urgings, we fear, are not reaching the American public which is spoon-fed ignorance and prejudice by their telly’s every single day, and if our messages did reach them, they would largely fall upon deaf ears. As old pap likes to say, “We are big pitcher (Baltimorese) dudes, but are having a bit of trouble with getting others to visualize that picture.”

We intend to continue our attempt to instigate a practical conversation about our problems and potential solutions until, hopefully, a larger audience will take over the cause. In the meantime, we’ll highlight the worst of our society’s numerous foibles and salute the occasional glimmer of hope. In coming weeks, we’ll attempt to summarize what we see as the salient issues which our busy legislators seem to be ignoring, as well as some ideas for approaching solutions.

Enjoy the day, Buster and pap

PS: Countdown to Shut-down: Four days and counting. Some of those wild and wholly Republicrat’s sure can’t abide that dark-complexioned feller over there on Pennsylvania Avenue acting so uppity. Exciting, eh what?

PPS: British Poet, Ant Smith, the author of the poem, “Shorty,” is throwing a “Big Small Penis Party” on March 7th at the Rhythm Factory in London, which he hopes will “Prove that life is too SHORT to be hung up on LITTLE things.” Might this effort to give men with smaller endowments a needed boost in self-confidence provide some measure of relief to those “real mean” dudes? Unfortunately, my old pappy won’t be in London on the 7th.


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