Blog #47: Republicrat “Debate” #3 !! and New Speaker.

Bonjour, y’all. My old pappy awakened me real early today in order to say a word or two about that exciting “debate” that aired on your beloved Telly last night. I was too bushed after watching a couple hours of that confusion to comment last night, and actually couldn’t even stay awake for the last half-hour or so!



Did I hear you say, HUH? I wish I were kidding, but, alas, that’s the “truth, the whole truth, and nuthin’ but the truth!”

If you saw the “debate,” you know of what I speak: The “Moderators” posed such “loaded and, truthfully, stupid” questions, which of course gave the “debaters” the opportunity to turn the tables and act as “victims,” that GOOD OLD “HONEST TO GOODNESS” FOX was able to scream, “main stream media bias,” for once honestly!

These “Debates” may be good television (man, is that a big old oxymoron), but really serve no purpose other than to expose the foolishness of our pols and TV “reporters,” and, of course and unfortunately, to provide them public recognition.
John Boehner formally resigns, and Paul Ryan is sworn in as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker Ryan, in his acceptance remarks, said, “No more favors for a few, but opportunities for all.” Nice words; we’ll have to wait to see if he meant them. We sure do hope so!

Unfortunately, almost immediately, old pap received a Demoblican (he still gets regular notes from both parties) email pleading him to “Send Money” & to “Ruin Paul Ryan’s Big Debut.”

Ho, Boy!

Old pap and I are going to resume our interrupted naps, Buster.

Buster Napping

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