Gratitude for Knowing When “Enough Is Enough”

A perfect thought! Unfortunately, old Bernie’s take on the subject is also needed in our current circumstances.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

I remember the golden light of other northwoods’ autumn mornings
The brisk refreshing winds that caress my cheeks and toss my fairy-fine hair
I’m grateful for the memories of love and laughter in my life
It is enough

As I listen to my parakeets and dog sing to greet the day
The morning sun streams through the windows
Casting dancing lights and shadows on the wall
It is enough

To learn of my daughter’s accomplishment and share laughter in an email
I think of my family and hope that they will continue to experience
The beauty and gift of golden autumn mornings like today
It is enough

Knowing when “enough is enough” and being grateful – the path to peace.


Photo: Autumn Trees

Reflections inspired by the Tao:

When people do not follow Tao
Their horses are harnessed for war,
Their energies are used for destruction,

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