The Forgotten, Beaten and Tired Syrian Activists

JC, I feel odd thanking you for a horror story, yet this story and others you bring to the world’s attention absolutely need to be heard by as many as possible. I’m hopeful that we will somehow find a way to achieve the political revolution which our old Bernie speaks of, and which is so sorely needed. Big Business interests have been running our good old U.S.ofA., and large chunks of the rest of the world for that matter, for too long, and caused the awful mistakes we have made internationally over the last number of years. Don’t give up hope, our old world has come back from some very ugly times before.

Sweden and the Middle East Views

I remember the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Young Syrians; girls in their pastel-colored clothes that marked the spring of 2011; young men in leather jackets protecting them against the chilly March weather.

They were so cool. They were hopeful. They were saying things in public that previously had made you, if you happened to be in Syria, shiver. They were forming cells; established independent news outlets; traded news about which activist was in which underground prison; helped kids who had become orphans when their parents disappeared; speaking openly about the sexual abuse the female members of the opposition endured in prison.

The activists that I knew were journalists, medical doctors, university scholars, NGO employees by day; activists by night. Keeping in touch with other fellow activists on social media and the in the Middle East so loved Blackberry.

The topics of politics and justice flowed easily among them; sitting…

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