Blog #59: People of NH have spoken – CHANGE!

The people of New Hampshire (and the rest of the country) know we need change, and Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the two presidential aspirants who are “offering” it. They actually agree on the matter of election financing; both are refusing the large super pac money. Old pap and I are guessing that they could find some other areas of agreement. However, we do believe that Bernie is much closer to being able to define and find solutions for the problems our old country is facing.

The Donald has enjoyed amassing his wealth by using the tricks and loopholes for too long to be able to do a complete turnaround and lead the country to a new period of prosperity…for all our people. He happily admits that he uses every legal scheme he can to pay less taxes – justified in his mind because he doesn’t like the uses the govamint makes of his money.

This jolly entertainer also is playing to a large segment of our population which feels frightened by the threats to our security that are exaggerated way out of proportion by all our television stations and radio right-wingnuts. His solutions to these threats, as well as the multitude of other issues, are simplistic, to be very kind. The Donald and young Rubio sound much alike when they forcefully state that they know exactly what to do in any situation. This attitude should be frightening, but doesn’t seem to faze the Republicrat faithful.

Old Bernie, on the other hand, probably recognizes the problems more comprehensively, and, based on his past performance in govamint, seems to be able to ferret out good solutions. Old pap and I don’t agree completely with all his ideas, at least without some modification, plus, we think he is prone to talking too much at times! Yuge, but don’t overdo it, Bernie, old sock!

Hopefully, Bernie will emerge as the Demoblican candidate, though to do so he must overcome the party’s unfortunate notion that he is somehow “unelectable!”

So, on to Nevada, South Carolina, etcetera, Let’s hope that reason will prevail.

Bye, Buster (come on pap, how ‘bout a little drum-roll)

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