Blog #67: A Brief Reprieve, then Fear-Mongering on Over-Drive

All right, relax a bit, those ridiculous “debates” are over, at least for the primary season. The Donald says that he has answered every conceivable question completely and honestly, and Secretary Clinton says, “Ditto!”

My old pappy thought he was on Spring Break, but the Brussels bombings have awakened, not only old fools, but the cheerful Fear-Mongers over at Fox “News” as well. To be “Fair and Balanced,” Fox is not alone as all the cable folk jumped on the tragedies 24/7. However, those dimwits at Fox are sort of special: For three or four days the joy in their voices was palpable as they showed the photo of the bomber bros in the Brussels airport. Apparently, tiring of that approach, they’ve now switched to finding all ways to trash old Prez. Obama, from watching a baseball game and tangoing to playing golf while, in their words, “Brussels burned.” The expressions on the faces of these so-called journalists alternate between the pleasure of scaring the pants off us Amuricans to the passionate dislike they harbor for that dark-complexioned fellow who has had the audacity to reside in the White House for the last seven years.

This morning this group of “news hounds” actually took a short break from POTUS bashing and Donald/Teddy boosting to acknowledge good old Bernie’s wins in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. They refer to Bernie as that 74-year-old socialist-commie. With a resounding endorsement such as that from Fox “News,” any reasonable citizen should be impatiently waiting to vote for the “old feller.”

Enough of this diatribe on a beautiful Easter Morning!

Old pap and I have two wishes – one, just a fantasy – take us back to a time before TV. The other – bring a little love and charity into our interactions.

Buster (and old pap on drums)

PS: Teddy/Donald news got to the tabloid level last week, and there are rumors of yet another Republicrat “debate.” Yikes!

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