Blog #66: You Guessed Correctly – MORE “Debates.”

First, an appeal to Old Bernie from my teetering old pappy, “Bernie, lad, get on that blasted Telly, and seek out, not MILLIONS, but TENS OF MILLIONS of us very dissatisfied voters who believe as you do, that enough is enough!”

Yes, you are correct once again, now old pap and I can’t even pretend to be unbiased any longer. We, as a country and world, are so messed up, there probably isn’t much time left for corrections! BERNIE SANDERS is the only candidate in this presidential race who is intellectually AND MORALLY qualified for the most important job in the world.

Next, a word on Wednesday’s Demoblican “Debate.” Secretary Clinton was asked by a “moderator” why she thought somewhere around 55% of voters view her unfavorably and don’t feel they can trust her. She, of course, claimed that she doesn’t understand it, and reiterated the attacks she has suffered at the hands of those ugly Republicrats as the most probable cause. Through the evening, she continued her duplicitous attacks on Bernie’s voting record on immigration issues and bailouts. Truthfulness is not Secretary Clinton’s long suit.

Her emails, as usual, were accorded a tad more interrogation, and she once again brushed off the issue. We agree with Bernie in feeling that there are far more important things we need to deal with than her “damned” emails. However, the issue does speak quite a bit about the good Secretary’s judgement, and her assertion that “all the others did the same thing” being a lame excuse. Can you, perhaps, remember your Mom telling you, “I don’t care what the other kids do, your Dad and I are responsible for you, and that behavior is not acceptable.”

Old Bernie, for his part, patiently explained the fallacies in the Secretary’s claims, and continued to help maintain a modicum of civility in the proceedings. He did ask again if she didn’t want all of us to know just what it was about her Wall Street speeches that commanded such lavish fees.

Moving over to those charming Republicrats:
Amazingly, relative calm prevailed. They say The Donald wished to appear “presidential.” Good Luck on that, Don!

Someone mentioned to pap that he thought The Donald and Bernie had some things in common. We think, not so much! Don’t reckon recruiting good old Ben was the Donald’s toughest con job, but slick as a whistle, grabbing up a bunch more of those feisty evangelicals!

GOSH THIS IS BECOMING SO EXCITING: Last night, good old CNN held a little Town Hall in Ohio for, first, Bernie, and then dear old Hillary. Old pap (he’s a tad unreliable anymore) missed the first part, though he heard this morning that Bernie gave Mr.Trump Whuffo, plus a little lecture on inciting riots; no doubt overdue!

Hillary, in what apparently is her preferred campaign fashion, took another fictitious shot at Bernie when she was speaking about “Health Care.” She said, accusingly, “I don’t know where my opponent was on the issue back in ’93 and ’94.” Bernie’s gang later tweeted a photo showing old Bernie right behind her on Health Care, back in the 90’s! Bernie’s kids are efficiently catching dear Hillary in her little fibs, but she gets to tell them unquestioned on live TV, first. Ugly! The girl does seem to have some difficulty with that “whole truth” concept!

Ya know, Secretary Clinton professes not to be a politician, and at the end of the “Town Hall,” CNN gave her the opportunity to further explain her contention. Thus, she was able to “clarify” that she feels she is not such a good campaigner for a job, but that she is really good at doing the job once she gets it. Old pap and I have a little trouble with those assertions as she seems every bit as slick as her old hubby, Slick Willy, in these “debate” thingys, and that last job she held for eight years hasn’t turned out so good for large chunks of the world. Though she did say last night that a few of her world leader pals want to endorse her. Go figure!

Yikes! Can you believe it? MSNBC is holding yet another “Town Hall” for Hillary and Bernie tonight. One wonders how in the world these poor candidates can continue speaking endlessly.

Well, we’ll have to wait for Super Tuesday 2 to see what effect all this jabbering will have on the voting.

Yours, Buster & pap, ensconced here in bucolic Boise.

PS: I’ll try my best to keep old pappy awake tonight.

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