Blog #68: April Fools’ Day – We Got ‘Em in Spades, Folks!

The word “fool” has a large number of synonyms; interesting! One which old pap and I kind of relish is “doofus.” We’ve used it before to describe our favorite Fox”news” “reporters” because it has a certain “friendly” ring to it.

In our last blog (#67), we mentioned the hiatus in those exciting “debates,” observing that The Donald said that he’d already answered all conceivable questions, completely and honestly, and good old Hillary had “dittoed” that. This week, of course, Mr. Trump agreed to answer a few more, but became a tad confused in his interview with ole Chris Matthews, while Madame Secretary may be wondering why in the world the FBI is still digging around in her unsecured server thingy.

Also, last week, good old steady and adult, Johnny Kasich, ran an ad with what we considered to be one of the best lines to date, “When Ted Cruz’s mouth is moving, he’s lying.”

What in heaven’s name will we do for comedy when this 2016 presidential campaigning comes to a blessed end?

We haven’t been able to find a post from April First last year, probably due to old pap’s heading East for a couple months (don’t worry, I stayed with my Auntie Tammy, which was sweet to say the least). Anyway, in the less exhilarating era back in ’14, we did our little “take” on the Financial Sector in our Blog #8, wherein we noted that not many folk seemed to be aware of “America Saves Week” which was observed from March 25 to April 2nd. We haven’t heard of it this year at all.
If you’re missing the fun of those invigorating “debates,” may we suggest you have a look at old Blog #8, The Financial Sector!

In an attempt to retrieve our economy from the Crash of Aught Eight, our dear old govamint, through the FED, has robbed our more frugal citizens of any interest they may have gotten from those dastardly bankers. Old pap and I don’t see any trick which might deliver us from the next Crash to be induced by our Wall Street villains, so ya better Feel the Bern while there is still time.

Cheers, Buster (with old pap banging those drums)

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