Blog #69: A Note to Bernie’s Wonderful Band of Quixotes

Dear Bernie & Co., Your campaign to become our next President has been the most invigorating and useful discussion about the future of our dear old country to come down the pike in many moons. Most importantly, you have given hope to our young people, who have become increasingly discouraged by the horrible state of our economy, and the gosh-awful responses of our major political parties.

Your answer to this morass, that we need a political revolution is so accurate and timely that these young people who are apparently a tad wiser than we old folk give them credit, have listened to your proposals and are realizing that perhaps all is not lost. Change, while terribly difficult to foster, is still possible.

Howsomever, my old pappy and I have an uneasy feeling that your message is not being understood clearly by some other groups of our citizenry. Particularly, older persons who have lived through the “cold war” may still be influenced by our own propaganda about the dastardly communists and their little cousins, the socialists. Gosh, you can’t blame them. We even had good old Senator Joe McCarthy trying to hunt down the suspected anti-amuricans. Of course, too, there are the cable “news” outfits, including pappy’s and my favorite source of misinformation, old Fox “News,” portraying Bernie as, “that disheveled old socialist,” as negatively as possible.

My old pappy and I are out here in the big bad State of Idyhoe, living in the little oasis of Boise’s east end, passing autos with stickers reading, “Blue Girl in a Red State,” so we get at least some variety of commentary about the “state of the union.” People will say they don’t like things about Bernie, and when questioned about what things, the reply often is that he is a “Socialist,” and they want to give everything away. The irony could gag a maggot. Truth, of course, is that we have been giving things away – for the last 30 or 40 years, we’ve been allowing our tax laws to be engineered by the big “donors” to increase wealth inequality!
Folks also get the impression that our horrid deficit is due to the “socialist give-aways,” when old Ron’s (cold) and young George’s (hot) wars and tax cuts are the actual miscreants in this regard.

Hence, we believe that Bernie and his messages need to more directly confront the above misconceptions. Y’all must show the folks just how the rigged tax laws and other aspects of the rigged economy are the real culprits. Concurrently, you must explain that they are already enjoying the many aspects of “socialism,” such as Social Security, Medicare, fire and police departments, public schools, water and sewerage systems, trash collection, etc. So, a little bit more “socialism” won’t hurt them, but may rather tend to correct the imbalances caused by those last 40-some years of tax cuts and excessive “military/industrial complex” spending. Please, use some of the money we six million individual contributors are sending to buy some TV time to explain these things which seem not to be so apparent to the populace!

Thank you from an old hound doggie and his teetering old pappy, Buster.

PS: BTW: We agree that dear old Hillary’s judgement is certainly questionable at best regarding her votes and advocacies over the last several decades that you spoke of recently, not to mention the “damned emails,” on which you famously tried to give her a pass, but which really do expose an unsavory level of arrogance to enable personal convenience. If you are unable to secure the Demoblican nomination, your devoted supporters will go to the polls in November with clothespins on our noses.

When I chose some time ago to adjust the monikers of our two political parties to better reflect the absence of a “farthings worth” of difference between them, I wasn’t even fully aware of how corrupt and unresponsive their “establishments” had become. This Presidential election cycle has certainly spelled it out for us!

Demoblicans and Republicrats! Ho Boy, do we ever need Bernie’s revolution!!

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