Blog #74: Can entrenched pols be dislodged?

It would appear as though the current “Prez” primary season is sort of grinding to an inglorious conclusion.

On the Republicrat side, The Donald and the Don (seriously, doesn’t old Paul Ryan remind you of the depiction of Vito Corleone in the film, The Godfather?) have begun the reconciliation process of the “Grand Old Party”. Don’t worry, these old pols think of only one thing – their mostly worthless skins.

The Demoblicans, on the other hand, are still a tad unsettled, with good old Bernie striving tooth and nail trying to overcome the DNC’s rather obvious bias.

Donald, as old pap and I have mentioned, has “won over” the RNC party apparatus, and even good old Rupert Murdock has jumped on the band wagon, apparently convincing that dear Megan Kelly to make up with the lad.

So, here you have the specter of old H. L. Mencken’s prophecy arising as though from the grave:
“On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Editor’s note: In fact, the old Bard of Baltimore’s prophecy has already been realized on a couple of occasions!

This has certainly been a “revolutionary” type contest: The Donald, with adequate justification, had complained mightily about the RNC’s open campaign to squash his candidacy, but it seems their strenuous  efforts may be over.

Of course, any bureaucracy will dislike disruption of any kind, and the Demoblican establishment has emphatically revealed its own disdain for old Bernie’s “political revolution.” Currently, he is being ostracized for his insistence on allowing all the voter’s voices to be heard, his continuing campaign being accused of “harming” dear old Hillary (really, how can anyone “harm” someone with a 60% disapproval polling, second only to the Donald’s). In our not-so-humble opinion, our poor old country is in dire need of Bernie’s revolution, so, please, give the man a break, Debbie!! It ain’t over ‘till that full figured lady sings!

Patience, folks, Buster, beating the drums to awaken my teetering old pappy.

PS: In the meantime, good old Fox “News” continues its persistent campaign tuned to the “birthers” melody. They, of course, have been overjoyed for the last week, being able to “report” on the loss of the Egyptair flight from Paris. Following their newfound hero’s cue, they seem to know (before any facts are unearthed) that it was a terrorist attack, and, further, mostly enabled by, you guessed it, the Obama administration.

Not to scare the living daylights out of you (that’s Fox “News” bailey wick), but old pap noted a couple items of concern right here in our good old U.S.ofA.:

1. White women are dying very young from cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.
2. Black youth in inner cities have a better chance of incarceration than High School graduation.
3. Prescription drug addiction is at an epidemic level, and the “war on (illegal) drugs” is a disaster.
You won’t hear much about this kind of stuff on your “Fair and Balanced” Fox 
“News” station, probably because they can’t figure out how to believably blame it all on old Prez Obama! TURN OFF YOUR TV’S & GOOGLE THIS STUFF!

In the meantime, white men are angry, some without much justification, many having been misled by FOX “NEWS,” and their likes.


Now, a lot of those angry old white men have fallen for The Donald”s biggest con of his life after being brainwashed by FOX “NEWS.”

Old pap and I fervently believe that old Bernie is the only candidate who can stop this fantastic con job, and help bring our dear old U.S.of A. back to some sort of order. Hopefully, the remaining Demoblican voters can convince the reluctant DNC and their so-called “super-delegates.”

Yes, old pap and I still believe in Santy Clause and the Easter Bunny, too, but we figure if we lose hope, the game is over!

B and o. p.


  1. I hope your belief in miracles helps us avert disaster a little while longer, Buster. But I’m not sure it will.

    In an article by Sam Stein in the Huffington Post today, there’s an interesting quote from Bernie –
    “… if Secretary Clinton is the nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case as to why she is going to defend working families and the middle [class], provide health care for all people, take on Wall Street, deal aggressively with climate change. That is the candidate’s job to do.” ( ) Sadly, there’s nothing she can say to convince me that she will deliver on any of these issues…


  2. Thank you, Carol, for your reminding me and old pap about the above “Bernie” quote. We think that he, too, was saying this without much hope Secretary Clinton might do as much. Keeping in mind your note regarding the uncertainty of depending on miracles, we will continue to hope!!


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