Blog #73: Reality (It’s worse than TV)

An old saying goes, “Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see.”  Old pap and I would agree, with the addendum: If you SEE it on the Telly, you can revert to the “HEARING” prohibition.

Thus, If you can’t believe what you are seeing in this current Presidential contest, please do not feel like the “Lone Ranger!”

This baby is almost historic, or perhaps just hysteric. The Donald is now lovingly embraced by the Republicrat establishment, which has apparently abandoned its “NEVER TRUMP” campaign, and shifted to “NEVER HILLARY.”  Even that old reprobate, dear old Rupert Murdock, has apparently told his “investigative reporters” to get on board the Trump bandwagon!

One thing the Grand Old Party insiders can’t be accused of is worrying about silly ideas such as “principles.” They dropped that “DUMP TRUMP” business as fast as proverbial rats abandoning a sinking ship. What? They are politicians – “save your own skin first” being their motto.

One of the pundits even suggested that old paragon of virtue, Teddy Cruz may have decided to angle for a Supreme Court post. Now, wouldn’t that be the utter-uttmost flipwiggedest! Of course, heaven only knows what Honest John Kasich has in mind!!

Transitioning to the Demoblican DNC:

This merry mob of miscreants is going to stick with their seriously flawed “presumptive” candidate even if the bloody ship capsizes, not necessarily due to their ethic beliefs. Apparently, they are not as astute as their “conservative” counterparts, and will continue doing all in their power to eliminate the only candidate who’s movement has any chance of righting our confused old nation.

We, the weary victims of ugly partisanship, may very likely have to choose between two of the least desirable candidates for the top job in our democracy to come along in quite a while.

Courage, Buster and old pap.


  1. I just read the newspaper article about you and Buster-great read! You’re so right about the elections-for the first time I won’t be voting for a president as I can’t bring myself to vote for Trump.


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