Blog #78: Independence Day

I asked old pap to delay posting this blog until today for a reason which will be immediately obvious. Very good news on the good old 4th was the ability of our homeland security and police departments across the country to keep us all safe during the many celebrations! We are truly fortunate to have such dedicated people working so hard to stop terrorism here at home.

Virtually all the media “news” outlets we happened to see were fairly gushing with flags and patriotism. Good old Fox “News” has devolved to Trump promotion and Hillary bashing with regular reversions to advertising Big Pharma’s solutions to such common ailments as Heart Burn and Belly Bloat; all the while flashing, “Show Your Pride, Home of the Brave, and Proud American.” They, of course, were unable to avoid completely their fear-mongering glee, repeatedly flashing the carnage from the Baghdad and other Middle-East bombings from last week.

All the faux patriotism displayed here now-a-days is enough to gag a maggot!

People walk up to you on the streets and thank you for your “service” for goodness sakes. Back in WWII almost all Amurican young men went off to war, and no one “thanked them for their service” or called them, “warriors.” They were called GI’s (for Government Issue). Old pap and I spoke of the goofy ideas we’ve lately been sold about our military back in my Blog #18 – Our Military and “Defense” Industry from way back on Independence Day, July 4th, 2014. I wholeheartedly recommend you take a look at this baby, although it is a tad wordy since we posted it back before old pap realized that we modern Amuricans have an attention span severely shortened by our vaunted “social media.” We recommended some revisions to the military which we sure wish could be considered by the “powers that be,” or at least those who want to “be!”

Under the caption: Incredibly Bad News: Old pappy happened to catch a couple minutes of some Fox interviews of supposed college students on the beach. Questions such as “From whom did we gain independence in the Revolutionary War, Who was George Washington, Who won the Civil War, and Who did we defeat in WWII” seemed to completely befuddle the youngsters. If this program wasn’t completely “staged” by dear old Fox, which of course is certainly not below their devious nature, it does give pause regarding our education system.

Hope y’all enjoyed our important national Holiday, Bus and old pap.


    1. Thanks, Tim, if my old pappy were a tad more “tech savvy” we’d be following your blog. He was able to save your email, so I’ll try to get him to send ya a note on that. your pal, Buster (The Ferrari Basset)


      1. Thanks, Buster (and Walt) – and no worries. I haven’t been too active on the blog front lately, although I’m starting to feel that itch again. With a little luck and inspiration, I might have something “fresh” in the next few days. Best regards! – T


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