Blog #77: Brexit

Yikes! Old pap and I were preparing to do a little blogo on fear and its special relationship to us good old animules, and then 52 percent of the good old Brits went and succumbed!! Our philosophical analysis will have to wait a bit.

Most recently, our old hero, Bernie, mentioned that democracy can be more than a tad messy at times, and these are certainly qualifying as some of those “times.”
From our ugly phenomenon of The Donald to this slim majority of those usually sturdy Englishmen forgetting old Sir Winney’s sage advice of “Stay Calm,” things are becoming a bit chaotic, to say the least.

No one can know for certain just what will be the ramifications of Britain’s exit from the European Union, but the Brexit vote certainly appears to be the fearful reaction to the current economic stagnation with its devastating effect on working people together with the horrid refugee crisis.

Of course, the opportunist-supreme, now GOP nominee, had positioned himself over in the British Isles to be available just in case. His positioning was slightly amiss as the Scots voted overwhelmingly with the “Remains,” but not to worry, this dude seldom deals in full truths anyway.

Chiming right in comes good old fear-mongering Fox “News,” even running an NRA ad reminding us that we Amuricans have a special protection – the 2nd Amendment. So, we can go out and buy more GUNS! You really gotta see this sort of crap, and you still can’t believe it!

So far, the financial markets are roiled, but not off the cliff, and we’d better hope they can stabilize. As old pap and I have mentioned a couple times before, our fiscal and monetary tools for dealing with financial crashes have been all used up. If folks here at home and the rest of the western world listen too closely to these fear merchants, their nasty prognostications could come to fruition.

We may well need to recall another of Churchill’s utterances before any “normality” returns to our crazy old world: “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Cheers, Bus and pap

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