Colin Kaepernick Shuts Down Fox. Calls Out San Francisco KKKops For Racist Text.

The hypocrisy of the old, especially Fox “news,” ignoramuses (and draft dodgers, such as the Trumpf dude) is appalling. Thanks, Kalesha Wright!

The Militant Negro™



Kaepernick Shuts down Fox Host and Calls out San Francisco Cops for Racist Texts

Colin Kaepernick ignored Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock‘s ridiculous question.

ByArturo Garcia / Raw Story

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick brushed off Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock on Thursday when Whitlock questioned the “clarity” of his ongoing protest against police brutalityDeadspin reported.

“You’ve said ‘police brutality.’ You’ve said ‘a lot of issues,’” said Whitlock, who has criticized Kaepernick for not standing during the national anthem. “That’s not that clear. If you’re gonna make this type of bold stand, and you want people to talk about the issues, you have to lay out the issues clearly.”

Whitlock failed to note that Kaepernick has already explained the reasons behind his protest before asking his question at a post-game press conference.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride…

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