Blog #88: NO CONTEST

Dang, Secretary Clinton took my advice. She was nice to The Donald (or certainly as nice as one can be to an over-stuffed windbag)!

The boy’s EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome)* was dramatically evident in his facial expressions all night. Compare his dour countenance to Hillary’s pronounced poise. I almost (emphasis definitely on almost) felt sorry for the poor lad. Talk about being “in over your head!” My very best Auntie, coming over for our walk this morning, even noted that the dear boy appeared to be “snorting” quite a bit last night; shades of old Al Gore’s “deep sighs!”

The Fox “news” team, call them the Bret and Megan Show, attempted to call the “debate” a tie, but this opinion was disingenuous, at the very best. Consistent with his total M.O., Mr. Trump displayed no substance in his responses, while Mrs. Clinton calmly stated her ideas and plans for addressing the issues brought forth by Lester Holt, who, in your reporter’s opinion did a totally credible job of moderating.

On issue after issue, The Donald repeated his memorized diatribe that he uses so successfully at his rallies. This false bravado, which he mistakenly equates to courage, sounded quite hollow on the debate stage. The old con man even tried to blame the six trillion dollars wasted in Iraq on the current Prez and Secretary Clinton, ignoring the fact that that mess all got it’s start with the previous administration.

Mr. Trump’s reasons for not releasing his tax returns took some odd turns: When Hillary pointed out the one time he released them (in order to get a casino license), they showed he paid NO TAXES. At this little revelation, he shouted out, “that just shows how smart I am!” His ultimate defense on the tax issue, as he’s repeated, ad infinitum, is, “he’ll release his returns when Hillary produces her 33,000 “lost emails.” Can anyone see the relationship here? Only his loyal followers can think this dude sane!

Regarding his many bankruptcies, and the small contractors he has stiffed over the years (recall the “Trump Discount), he stated that he merely “used the laws on our books.” How quaint!

During a brief discussion on racial tensions, the lad unbelievably mentioned that the African-American community, over the last few weeks has come to see him very favorably. He dismissed Mrs. Clinton’s mention of the anti-discrimination lawsuit brought against his rental property’s illegal policies, with the assertion that it was just a case brought against a bunch of companies, and he settled it “while admitting no guilt!” (the euphemism for settling criminal matters by paying large fines – very unsavory stuff)

Perhaps the most amazing admission of the evening by the Trumpster was his assertion that, not only his judgement, but also his “temperament” is better than “her’s,” and darned near perfect. Unbelievable?

Mr. Trump’s utter lack of knowledge, and worse, understanding, of the real world around him is so pathetic, you almost have to love him. Again, emphasis on “almost.”

This morning good old Fox, labeling their “news” program, “Donald’s Big Debate” attempted to put a positive spin on his lackluster performance. They had him on the phone complaining of Lester Holt’s unfair “hits” on him while “giving Hillary a pass.” Later, even NBC’s Today gang was very kind to the old huckster, and brought on ole Mike Pence to spin events to his “leader’s” benefit. Noting the fact that Donald didn’t actually speak of Bill’s trysts, etc. (he only alluded to them) didn’t do much to alleviate the general impression that the old bully’s restraint was mostly an illusion.

I believe my loyal readers know that old pappy and I are not big fans of the Clintons’, but we had to admit that last night’s “debate” was also a contrast in attitudes concerning life’s basic fairness (or lack thereof), and Secretary Clinton undoubtedly came out on top! No amount of fibbing and massaging by Fox or the Trump campaign can change the result.

You can’t trick an old hound doggie’s nose!
Enjoy your day, Buster (OK, pap, take your nap now)
*Please refer to my blog #87 for the full description of this medical term.

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