Blog #89A: This Bloody Election – A Series (1st Installment)

Hello, This is Buster, your favorite (as always, I’m hopeful) Hound Doggie. My old pappy and I fell as though the upcoming election for our next Prez is just too “damned” (there’s that email word again) important to leave to chance. In addition to being of paramount, you might even say critical, importance, this election is progressing as a most unusual sort of contest. The term, “bloody” is occasionally used in jolly old England to emphasize something in a slightly rude manner, similar to the use of curse words here in the colonies. A few of pappy’s old friends over in jolly old were kind enough to research the origin of the term, and reported that it’s first known use was around the year 1676, possibly being derived from the saying, “by Our Lady” a reference to the Virgin Mary, and was used to describe the rowdy behavior of aristocrats, sometimes referred to as “the bloods” (as in blue bloods). So, we figured it was a term which would fit the “odd” nature of this election on several levels.

Hence, this little series is designed with the hope of getting our fellow citizens to take our constitutional right of voting as seriously as they do their favorite “reality” shows on their beloved telly. Hopefully, (a lot depends on my old pappy’s arthritic typing fingers and his grumpy morning demeanor) we will post three or possibly four messages in this series, about one a week, beginning with one later this week. They will cover the following topics:

Our Political System and the Parties

The “Issues”

The Candidates

Due to the horribly divisive nature of our politics resulting in a divided nation, both pap and I are understandably worried about our dear old country, not to mention the whole of humanity. We have one fellow vying for our highest office who asked an interviewer, “what is Aleppo?”, and another who would have asked the same question until a couple of days ago. Speaking of Aleppo, not many of the rest of us Amuricans would have been able to tell you what it is either. Ambrose Bierce, a writer and U. S. civil war correspondent said a long time ago, “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” Currently, there is a great struggle around that little town which could bring about a confrontation that only a madman would want to see. The current “President” of Russia is another fellow suffering from the psychological problem known as EPPS (please refer to my Blog #87 – A Wee Bit of Advice). Think about it for a moment; can you imagine two egotistical maniacs, each with his tiny hand hovering above one of those ominous red buttons?

This election especially highlights the deep divisions in thinking between our political parties and among the citizens of our good old U.S.ofA.

Sometimes it sure feels as though we have forgotten what the “U.” stands for, again! Well, pappy and I are two old codgers devoted to pulling us back together. If you’ve been paying attention, you won’t be surprised at our conclusion, and hopefully you will understand how we arrived there.
Hope y’all have a great week, Buster (come on pap, it’s time for our nap)

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