Blog #90C: That Bloody Fox “news” Thingy – A series – (C -3rd Installment)

This sorry outfit, masquerading as a news station, seems to have settled down comfortably to reviving the good Secretary’s email “scandals”, almost full time. It would seem as though Rupert has partnered with wikileaks, the nasty creation of the other Australian madman, Julian Assange, in giving old Donaldo a helping hand. This dynamic duo is giving the erstwhile rough, but lovable Aussies a very bad name.

The infernal drip, drip, drip of these supposedly scandalous emails is just a bold attempt to damage the Demoblican candidate, and of course good old Fox is amplifying out-of-context segments of them every day, all day long. Maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about their claims of Hillary’s people working the FBI, but instead focus on these foreigners interfering in our election process. If in fact the Ruskies are really behind the hacking, these could be considered acts of war. However, now we are in the “nuclear” age, such reasonably subtle acts must go unchallenged lest we initiate the frying of our planet. These are certainly interesting times!

Old pap also caught a little discussion on the “fair and balanced” station regarding “possibilities for a Trump TV Channel in the event the lad is unsuccessful in his Prez. bid. Velly intellesting, and possibly the logic behind Rupert’s determined effort to get the “apprentice” showman elected. Just think, his rumor prone shows would be competing with The Donald; no wonder he fears the old con artist’s losing! Very nearly his entire audience is likely to leave, and enjoy their conspiracy theories and such trash directly from the old fraudster.

In light of this exciting possibility, this old hound doggie sees a definite win/win situation: our dear old country averts certain disaster, and dear old Fox moves to the dumpster where it has belonged for 20 years.

Gosh, pappy, maybe things are looking up, let’s hit the nap sack.


  1. Win/win, to be sure, but . . . will we all be looking back nostalgically in ten years, when 1/2 of Americans get their news from Trump TV, to the halcyon days of yore, when the worst thing on tv was “merely” Fox News? I shudder to think . . .


    1. “There ya go again, Tim, old shoe, always looking for the silver lining (in all the wrong places?)!?! Just kidding – you are absolutely correct; Trump TV could be far worse, oh, those poor Trumicans.


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