Blog #93: The 3rd and Final “Debate.”

You’re darned right, it was way more exciting than watching paint dry!

The big telly story seems to be The Donald’s refusal to say he’ll accept the result of the election (we guess he means if he doesn’t win); he’s “going to keep us in suspense!” There’s just no question about this dude’s being a loose canon!

Old pap and I can’t understand why none of the pundits said anything about his dour countenance during the entire proceeding. The crazy old fool didn’t snort as much as in the first two meetings, but he looked as if he was chewing on a lemon peel, his mouth turned down like one of those little ‘puter icons, and his eyes all but disappeared whenever Hillary spoke. Guess that’s what they call, “a beady stare!” Gosh, who knows, old Donaldo may have just been practicing for his Halloween party at Trump Tower?

The man is just a pathological liar. I think someone already said that, pap. Not to worry, son, we’ll attribute it to good old anonymous. Unfortunately, good old Chris Wallace, who actually started out attempting to keep the whole thing on track, but lost control quickly when the Don began screaming, announced beforehand that he would’t do any “fact-checking” at all during the “debate.” Ho boy, this opened the flood gate for the old con man: from “those women’s claims have all been debunked,” through, “Obama and Clinton are solely responsible for ISIS and the slowly recovering economy, and “there’s plenty of evidence they’re trying to “rig” this election,” to “the Trump Foundation gives 100% of its revenue to charity,” the dear lad fibbed his way through the evening! Wow, that was a run-on sentence, and I probably missed a couple fibs, to boot.

Now, we must remember that this fellow can’t help himself due to suffering from EPPS Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome. (see my Blog #87 – A Wee Bit of Advice) We also just learned from an old friend back east that the boy may also have some problems with something called, “Fecal Intolerance,” which may explain where he gets many of his ideas. You can look it up!

Well, old pap and I will close this “analysis” with reference to the Trumpster’s last grunted comment directed at Secretary Clinton, “Nasty Woman!” The guy is class, ain’t he?

Old pap promises to type up our address on “issues” this week, later, Buster.

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