Blog #89D: This Bloody Election -(4th and Last Installment) – The Candidates

Well, folks, we’re coming down to the wire! Wait, Wait, You will not want to believe this, but those “damned” emails are back! That’s correct: That nice FBI Director, Mr. Comey, apparently thought it wise to send a note to Congress that his gang had found a bunch of emails from, of all people, good old Anthony Weiner which they thought somehow may have something to do with Secretary Clinton. Can you imagine what that crazy dude’s dear wife, Huma, must be going through?

Anyway, those unabashed liars, they’re going way beyond fibbing lately, at Fox “news,” the two doofuses and the leggy blond gal who reads her lines, are fairly gushing about this item. This morning they repeated a commercial from the good old NRA a few times which shouted, “Clinton Lied! Clinton Lied! One hundred and ten “classified” emails!” Note: That’s 110 among some 60,000 that have been “leaked.” Of course, they followed up with the draft-dodging “billionaire” developer from Manhattan shouting to his rally crowds, “This is the “Mother Lode,” 65,000 more emails about Top Secret government information.” There is absolutely no mention that the FBI thus far hasn’t a clue what is in old Weiner’s emails. Regarding the 110 “classified” ones, old pappy, based on his experiences observing the military’s penchant for hyperbole, is guessing those “secrets” may well have been nothing more than coffee and donut orders. After all the effort and taxpayer dollars wasted investigating this “conspiracy theory,” there hasn’t been a shred of evidence that any harm has come to our dear old country due to those “damned” emails!

This entire load of poppycock certainly speaks volumes about the ignorance and gullibility of a large segment of our populace. Could this ridiculous farce somehow permit this “complete moron” * to be “elected” President of these United States of America? “God Help Us,” and we better hope She isn’t too busy to stop this potential disaster!

Old pap and I believe anyone who has read our issues (Blog #89C) and candidate summary (below), and still intends to vote for the Trump Fraudster is unable to think rationally. Now, we also believe this doesn’t mean they are bad people – only that their judgement has been adversely affected by ubiquitous media propaganda. Actually, this effect is understandable, given the staggering amount of false information out there. Fox alone spews it out 24/7!

So, without further ado, here are our “Candidate” summaries. We hound dawgs are all about efficiency, so I’ll take the easy one first:

The Donaldo. This proud, self-described sexual predator needs no introduction. He claims to be very wealthy due to his astute business acumen, but in fact he’s barely been able to salvage his inheritances from his father. He is well known for stiffing his business partners when things go south, which his business ventures do regularly, and he cheats contractors who do work for him. He seems to have a nasty word for everyone, calling most of us very ugly names, and we learn, from himself, he loves trash talking about women and groping them whenever possible. So, what’s not to like about this old cretin?

It does seem as though he is better suited for work other than the Presidency!

In judging this neanderthal-era brute, please have a bit of Christian type forgiveness in your heart. As old pap and I pointed out and explained back in my Blog 87 – A Wee Bit of Advice, he really can’t be held totally accountable for his inappropriate behavior due to his suffering from EPPS, Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome.

The Trumpicans (a quaint term suggested by my dear Auntie Lar): Mr. Trump does, due to his unsavory nature, attract some of the worst elements of our population, many hard-core haters, etc. However, many of his supporters, lured by his simplistic message of “fixing” all our troubles, are probably just regular people who are frustrated by the bad behavior of our elected officials and the steady deterioration of economic opportunity in recent years. Unfortunately, this old fool doesn’t have a clue, and his many business failures prove his ineptitude.

In summary this dude is the greatest con artist ever to come down the pike, which could be a useful attribute in this day and age (unless you happen to be one of those women who he respects better than anyone), but the overriding problem is his complete instability.

Secretary Clinton. We should point out up front that the good Secretary also is a victim of a similar psychological disorder, known as PPES, Potty Praise Envy Syndrome. This related, but inverse disease occurs due to a child receiving little or no praise during this critical child rearing period, especially if young cousins or neighborhood kids are seen by the subject as getting all the credit. This malady can explain this otherwise reasonably kind and generous person’s tendency to social climbing and wealth seeking.

There are also quite a number of people suffering from this “envy” syndrome, and, oddly, many of them happen to be Trumpalator leaners! While they are striving to be accepted by the rich and famous, they somehow find a kindred spirit in the old fraudster. These are the folks, some even old friends gone astray, who frustrate your sense of logic because they may be reasonably educated, and have functioned reasonably well at work and business. Hence, you ask yourself, why would they associate themselves with a total loser such as Le Trumper?

Again, strangely enough, before he decided to oppose her in this Bloody Election, Donald was a promoter of the Clintons, and he and Hill, if not bosom buddies, were very chummy themselves a few years ago!

We do feel the criticisms of Mrs. Clinton, especially regarding those “damned” emails, are way over-blown by the GOP and it’s hoary candidate together with their propaganda arm, Fox “news.” The lady has over many years done some good work to aide the less fortunate among us, while the other fool has done exactly zero for anyone else (except maybe his kids), and meanwhile engaged persistently in gross self-aggrandizement!

Overall, old pap and I believe that she is the only choice we voters can make without exposing the nation and the whole world to an unprecedented disaster! Also, we are hopeful and reasonably confident that old Bernie and Elizabeth will both have a good bit of influence in her administration. As we’ve often mentioned, there isn’t a farthings’ worth of difference between the Republicrat and Demoblican establishments, but we’re hopeful that Bernie’s “revolution” can infiltrate the Demoblican organization to begin making some sense of politics.

Old pap and I believe this election to be deadly serious, but occasionally we poke a bit of fun at its more bizarre aspects just to keep from going stark, raving mad. We hope our little summaries of the issues and candidates have been helpful.

We hope Election Day remains safe for all. Please be cautious, especially around polling places, as with the madman enraging some of his lunatic-fringe supporters about a “rigged election,” anything could happen.

Bus and old pap (the old feller plans to rest his weary typing fingers)

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