Blog #90D: That Bloody Fox “news” Thingy – (4th Installment)

Good Grief! To say that my old pappy will be elated when I tell him that he can stop watching that ugly Fox tv stuff is the epitome of understatement. This prez. election has brought out the worst of most TV, and naturally Fox is by far the very worst! The only good thing about Fox is that nobody with any sense watches it, except my old pappy, and he’s never been accused of any special level of cerebral capacity, either.

Well, anywho, this morning those simpletons, the two doofuses and the leggy blond reading her lines, had a guest, their favorite military expert, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn. They began by “reporting” on two separate policemen being killed last night in Des Moines, Iowa. So, they all sat around for the entire “newscast” speculating about how these shootings and, in fact, all violence against officers of the law are the absolute fault of President Obama, and also of course, Hillary Clinton.

Somehow, during this same conversation, they were able to bring in the latest iteration of poor old Hillary’s “email scandals,” noting what a horrible threat all these emails were to national security. We included my dear old pappy’s take on the emails yesterday in my Blog #89D on the “Candidates.” If you missed it, you can just click on the link here, but briefly old pap thinks the 110 “classified” ones (among the 60,000 the FBI scoured) could well have been nothing more serious than orders for coffee and donuts. The Military/Industrial Complex (M/IC) is famous for hyperbole, aimed at obtaining ever more budget for very expensive, exotic weapons systems, many of which don’t work so well.

More big “news” from the Fox mob this morning was about the release of documents concerning a decades-old Bill Clinton pardon for Marc Rich, the fugitive financier, by good old FBI Director Comey. What the heck is going on here? Has Rupert promised Comey a cushy TV job when he leaves the gov?

One thing is certain – if the Trump fool loses, it won’t be old “fair and balanced” Fox’s fault!

Buster. (come on pappy, it’s nap time)

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