Blog #101: President Obama’s “Farewell” Speech

Last night, Old pap watched the President’s Final official speech on our telly whilst I laid dutifully beside him on our comfy little couch. Pap told me this morning that it was a “farewell” speech only in the facet that throughout and at the end, the Prez sincerely bade us all, “Fare Thee Well.” Pap thought it was an excellent speech in several aspects; President Obama correctly stated that our economy is improved and our nation has grown stronger under his watch, he immediately halted a negative audience reaction when he mentioned the peaceful transfer of power to the incoming administration, he accurately portrayed our currently frayed political situation, and he urged us all to become engaged in order to preserve our Democracy (we happen to have the lowest voting rate of almost any democracy in the world).

Old Obama (he’s grayer than eight years ago, for sure) lamented that our politics aren’t better reflecting the basic goodness of our populace, but hoped that we could remember our common purpose to come back together and keep in mind our honorable goal of opportunity for all.

Pap caught a moment or two of the post-talk “analysis,” even checking in on good old Fox “news.” Old pap had only heard of their Hannity dude, and quickly realized the worst he’d heard wasn’t bad enough. This young fool barely needs to open his mouth to display his, what I some time ago labeled, Stupendous Stupidity. The idiot started, “Well, that’s the end of the eight year horror!”

To assess the success of this presidency, you need to reflect on the situation which was inherited from the Drugstore Cowboy from Texas, who had gotten us into two senseless wars, and only cheered as the dear old bankers led us into the Great Recession. It was one horrible state of affairs! Prez Obama got us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and averted worldwide depression. Unfortunately, we’d already used up all of our “fiscal tools,” so all that was left was “monetary policy.” Under these circumstances, old pap and I believe he “done” as good as possible!

Sadly, not much attention was paid by the “media” to the speech due to the “hearings” for the new “cabinet.” As far as we know, it was not even acknowledged by the Yuge Orange Mass, as he was busy tweeting about the mean-spirited treatment he was receiving from everyone and the press.

We’re in for a long, long cold spell, your old hound doggie, Buster.

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