Blog #103: A bit of calm before the storm.

My old pappy’s been sneaking back to that old Fox “news” channel. I’m not sure if he just misses those short-skirted ladies (he is a male animal, ya know) or if he is really interested in just what is making our fellow dear old Amuricans so danged confused. That Megan Kelly gal has departed from Fox, reportedly turning down a 20 million buckeroo contract – good for her, finally. There have been a number of personnel changes on Fox’s morning “news” shows, and a new blond who sits on the couch between the two doofuses (who have also changed over the last few months) seems a tad confused herself at times. The other day she suddenly became aware of the word, “dossier,” while they chatted about our P-E’s latest “fake news,” and she just kept repeating, “dossier,” in every other sentence. Guess she really liked the “French” sound of it!

One of the newer doofuses replaced good old Tucker Carlson, who got his own evening show where he exudes a confident seriousness while listening to the decidedly strange interviewees he finds for his show. Yesterday, he claimed to be “exposing” a fraudulent character who was claiming to be paying 50 bucks an hour to people he’ll send to the Inauguration to protest the protesters. Supposedly, the dude intended for his inductees to protest Trump, but changed his mind when our illustrious almost-leader praised that wild oddball, Julian Assange. Tucker seems to have found his calling.

Moving along, those newly amicable Republicrats are promising to come up with a plan (after seven years of griping) to “repeal and replace” the ACA. They are even mentioning treatment (as opposed to only incarceration) for drug addiction. Could this change of heart be due to a surge in addiction among rural white kids?

Well, it’s official, though the gaudy celebration isn’t until tomorrow, the Great Orange Mass stands proudly (some might even say, “smugly”) at Madame Tussauds London Museum.

The Protesters – Saturday’s Women’s March on the Mall has reportedly disallowed the Pro-Life gals who wanted to join in. Can’t anyone “get along,” even if they agree on some important stuff? So, the “boss” says he isn’t upset that some celebrities aren’t coming, they weren’t invited anyhow!

Enough of this foolishness, TOMORROW “change” begins. “Change” was Bernie’s message; The Donald, as with everything he “owns,” just swiped it!

Come on pap, we gotta get up early to watch the festivities, Buster.


  1. Well, it’s certainly been a strange turn of events, these past 12 months. I made the mistake of watching the swearing in this morning, including the Orange Lord’s speech. I’m still stunned there were enough people out there who that message resonated with to put this man in the Oval Office. A shark, surrounding himself with sharks, with a pack of wolves in control of the Congress. Let the dismantling of all governmental programs that don’t directly benefit the rich commence. God help the rest of us. (PS – ‘haven’t forgot about that lunch. How you looking next week?)


    1. You are correct, Tim, and we better hope She has time to help us! Any day next week works for me. Please give me a call or text to set up lunch. Thanks, walt.(& Buster, of course)


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