Blog #104: Inaugural Bawl— Day One and The Barbarians are in the Courtyard and are Coming for Your Bedrooms!

Mark This Day, January 20, 2017, the day the country is turned back to you, the people, to rule (of course it’s understood, I’m just one of you, and I alone know what’s best for you). So said the Great Orange Mass. Then, he went on to lament the horrible situation in which we find ourselves, telling us who to blame (all those awful foreigners, your representatives here in Washington, the “mainstream media,” and anyone else who disagrees with him). As he’s said many times before, “I didn’t divide the country!” Maybe not, but you sure threw gasoline on the fire, fool.

“On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
Henry Lewis Mencken.

So, pappy (bless his hard old heart) watched the whole Inauguration so’s I could report on it) Then, he told me that Trump’s speech was by far the worst he’s ever heard, by anyone. As everyone knows by now, he began by painting an ugly picture of our poor old country, calling us, “the American Carnage.” Now, old pap and I have been reminding y’all that we really need to get our act together for quite a while, but the Yuge Orange Imbecilic One went way beyond realism, blaming all those other terrible countries and people, and, as he did during all his stump speeches, reminded us that he is the only one who we can trust.

The ironies throughout his remarks were staggering and as thick as molasses! The wildest, of course, being that he alone can save us, stating that the wealth of the middle class has been “ripped away and sent across the world.” He makes this claim even though it is he and his ilk who have stolen our wealth, and are the principle perps causing the havoc he describes.

He called on the almighty creator no less than three times, finally swearing that the country is protected by God. He didn’t mention which one, but quoted a bible which supposedly tells us, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” Quite impressive for a twice divorced, self-declared sexual predator who hasn’t even a fleeting association with the truth. The dude spreads more horse hockey than those big horses in the oldest Pennsylvania cavalry regiment who came for the parade; it’s the same bunk that’s peddled by those tv evangelists. Old pap and I believe that religion can be wonderful, helping people through this life, but in the hands of con artists, it can also be very ugly.

He also praised our military for protecting us, along with law enforcement, stating, “Our old soldiers never forget that whether white, black, or brown, WE all bleed the same red blood of patriots.” Brave words for a feller who, after his college deferments ran out, was unable to serve due to bone spurs!

Additionally, he says that from now on his government will have only two rules, “Buy American, Hire American.” This hog wash from a poster child of importing cheap and selling high!

This second half of his speech, wherein he covered the waterfront of all the “amazing” things he will do for us and spoke bigly of all the ways he will make us great again, must have been written by dear Kellyanne. That little girl is so slick she could sweet-talk a mugger into calling the police for her.

Wanting to get right to work Saturday morning, our new prez only allowed three inaugural balls. The first dance was to (surprise) “I did it my way,” and the boss spent most of it waving to admirers and ignoring his partner.

As I’ve mentioned before, old pap had encouraged me to “give the dude a break, cut him some slack.” However, in my humble hound doggie’s opinion, this old con man has already gotten all the rope any reasonable person would allow him, unless he intended to hang himself, which would likely be the only unselfish thing he’s done in his lifetime.

His first “tweet” the morning after: “Thanks, Fox “news” for the great reviews of the speech.” Gaaah!

On his first (partial) work day, in addition to beginning the destruction of the Affordable Care Act, he issued some sort of funky order to all agencies to refrain from enforcing any of their regulations until further notice. We may not have this item exactly correct here, not having seen the order, but it does seem strange. Oh, yes, as usual he was up early, tweeting that he’d seen the fake photos on tv which showed a smallish crowd at his inauguration. Obviously, the “lying” media was cheating him again. He had his new press secretary, Sean Spicer, out first thing doing a “press conference,” calling out the press for “falsely” minimizing the crowd. Apparently, the boss had said the crowd for his inauguration was the largest one ever. Of course, good old Fox put this foolishness out as though it were fact, but photographs and the “lying” media showed a different story. “The American people deserve better than this,” Sean shouted, and left without questions. All reports, other than Fox, later showed that in fact the crowd didn’t quite fill the mall. Asked later about the discrepancy, dear Kellyanne explained that the administration was working with “alternative facts.” Really?

Also, on the First Day, our illustrious new Commander-in-Chief went to the CIA, and, standing before the Wall of Honor, told the agents assembled, “I love you, and I’m behind you 1,000 percent! The media has made it sound like I had a feud with the intelligence community, you know, I have this running battle with the media…..” He’s so smart, he can make new math and do much more than 100 percent. We tend to think that the outgoing CIA Chief got it right when he said that the new Prez should be ashamed of his self-aggrandizement in front of the Wall honoring the agents kiilled in the line of duty.

This fellow is a complete fraud who is working the biggest con of his life, and a part of our citizenry has been so confused by the misinformation they have been spoon-fed every day for years right over their beloved tellys that they haven’t a clue as to what he’s about. Sadly, his supporters are unaware of what’s in store for them.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Henry Louis Mencken

As you may remember, I diagnosed now President Trump’s problem as EPPS, Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome, but his words and actions are beginning to look much more serious. He’s been ceded the bloody election, so how sick must he be to worry that the size of the crowd at his inauguration may be understated? The big question: Just how much damage can an out of control ego do to the mind? The man may be very ill indeed! Good grief, shouldn’t the Office of President of our U.S.ofA. require some level of psychological health?

Perhaps all this “crowd size” bunk may be just a clever subterfuge to divert attention while he signs orders ripping apart the country. After all, that is the con artist’s M. O. Either way, we’re in a world of deep do do!

Well, as old Henry told us many years ago, it sure looks as if we’re “gonna get it good and hard!”

Your fav hound doggie, Buster, and, of course, my old pappy on the old Corona.

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