Blog #112: White House Deploys Robot – Can “Spin” Fix Dysfunction?

One thing our new prez cannot be accused of is forgetting his entertainment career. Every day in this new administration is an exciting adventure! For spokespersons, things couldn’t possibly get more “colorful.” Kellyanne, with her “alternative facts” and cheery commercials, and Sean Spicer, doing his best to explain his boss, are certainly entertaining, but this Stephen Miller dude is a whole new ballgame. This young man, when asked a question by “the media” as Fox calls it, or “the opposition” as Stevie Bannon prefers, stands completely motionless and expressionless with words spilling out of his mouth as if someone has pulled a string on his back, releasing pre-recorded propaganda. Yikes!

Unfortunately, while the prez keeps the “news” focused on his ubiquitous fibs and conspiracy theories, and the good old Demoblicans rant and rave over his cabinet picks (we’re supposing that is meant to “energize their base”), those crafty Republicrats are passing state laws to suppress voting by minorities, trash canning that pesky Dodd-Frank law, and reviving interesting old totalitarian ideas such as the “Holman Rule,” slipped into a funding bill. This old rule was originally designed to curtail spending after the Civil War when the National Debt had ballooned to an astounding 2.7 Billion dollars, and was used again by good old Joe McCarthy to ferret out commies from the federal payroll in the 1950’s. We would guess those resourceful Republicrats are figuring on eliminating civil service workers appearing to have a left-leaning bent if they can get away with it.

ALERT: Fox “news” “expert” Mikey Flynn peels off amidst Administration turmoil, and the GOP holds “news” conference to address – Obamacare repeal and replace?  Oh, yes, and the Prez asked Mikey for his resignation just as soon as his “trust” was lost. Old pap and I suppose one shouldn’t expect less from the “Cabinet from Hades,” our term for this distinguished group. The entire White House now, except for the serious dangers of the times, or any time for that matter, would make for hilarious comedy! This is not what we should hope for from our President.

Old pap and I are quite fearful that if those feckless Demoblicans don’t get their act together very soon, hope for returning our poor old country to a degree of civility will be lost for a good while.

Have you heard anything about that Monday rewrite of the travel ban?

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Stay tuned, Buster.

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