Blog #111: Ho Boy, Running the Govamint and your Biz at the same time is easy

You just need to keep everyone confused. For instance, we have the “media” all over poor Kellyanne for touting Ivanka’s over-priced junk while the harassment of Nordstrom by our illustrious Prez for downplaying her fashion line is forgotten. If this feller doesn’t leave office a lot richer, it sure won’f be his fault, and he hasn’t even, as far as we know, renegotiated his loans with foreign banks yet. Opportunities galore to “make Amurica great again!”

The constant denigrating of the “media” is a tad troubling, but everybody needs a little jab now and again to keep on top of their game, so the good old “journalists” just may find it to be ultimately helpful.

Constitutional Crisis? Let’s hope not; the travel ban was just so sloppily executed as to be ridiculous, and certainly deserved the protest it got, together with some judicial disapproval, but a reasonable solution to both maintaining our security and respecting our civil liberties may yet emerge.

Holy Moly, the horrors of this administration may even cause a bit of introspection among the establishment in both our political parties. Now, that would be a welcome phenomenon.

Old pap and I are definitely seeking those elusive “silver linings!”

“Y’all take care now, hear,” Buster and his old pappy.

PS: That lil quote is from an old Eastern Shore politician, whose name escapes (surprise) my old pap, and was later made famous (infamous?) on the “Gomer Pyle” tv show.

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