Blog #116: Tater – Clinic Dog

This is not my traditional blog; it’s not about Politics, Economics, or Beer.

Every once in a while there happens a life well-lived. That is the case with my little cousin, Tater, who went gently to the Great Doggie Park in the Sky on Monday.

Tater was adopted by my Auntie Laurie about 12 years ago, after having been previously adopted by a couple of families. She was in the home of one of Auntie’s patients when the family was unable to keep her, and their child was so distraught at the thought of losing her, that Auntie promised to adopt her.

At the time, Auntie, an Occupational Therapist, would go to her patients’ homes to treat them, but soon after she adopted Tater, she opened a little clinic. Most of her patients are very young children who are unable to function normally due to physical or mental problems. My old pappy says that on meeting some of these kids, his reaction is only to keep from crying, but my dear old Auntie can only see the potential in the child. She happens to have a special ability, and it turned out that Tater also possessed that same uncommon faculty.

Tater might have been described as a nondescript, scruffy little mutt; she weighed only a few pounds at her top fighting weight, but apparently she was almost all heart. Auntie Laurie began taking her to the clinic, and she was such a calming influence on the kids, she soon became the official clinic dog. Auntie described for us one instance where a child, suffering a traumatic period, could not be calmed down. Then, Tater lied down very close by, and when the child noticed her became still and quiet.

So, this little dog, over the years, helped many children become healthier and happier. Though she was obviously a physical midget, Tater became a colossal therapist. She will be sorely missed by her friends and patients!

We may actually have a few brewskis to celebrate Tater’s amazing life,

Buster and old pappy.

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