Blog #117: Addressing The Congress: A Yuge Crock of It!

Mikey Pence: “Great Speech!”” Chuck Schumer: “Nice Words – Actions, not so much!” “Mainstream Media”: More Controlled and More Presidential tone (Kinder and Gentler). Plus, those sage words, attributed to old Abe Lincoln: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” LET’S HOPE NOT!

As y’all know, old pap wanted to cut the lad some slack, but I held firm on only allowing him more rope if he intended to use it for hanging himself. Now, I realize that I should be more charitable since according to the few mental health professionals I’ve been able to find, he’s either certifiably crazy or his extreme narcissism causes him to be just as ugly as sin most of the time. Buster’s Blog – About time! -21 February 2017.

Howsomever, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, we all need to be careful what we wish for….should the Republicrats get some backbone and replace him, it means that old holier-than-thou Mikey would take over, and without Herr Trump’s dire need for approval (adoration?) to provide some measure of temperance, those fools will run wild.

Onward, to the Congressional Address:

He’s not well-known for sincerity, but The Prez claimed to speak from his heart! Would that be the Yuge Gold-Plated One at Trump Tower?

Did ya notice, he never smiled once, and I couldn’t tell if his “squinting” was due to his having trouble reading the teleprompter, or if he was just trying to look serious.
Opening with a brief nod to Black History Month and the vandalism happening to Jewish sites, he hurriedly moved to spreading his “fear” message, announcing the establishment of a new “office of immigration crime” at Homeland Security which the Demoblicans logically termed, “scary.” Also, our Illustrious Supreme Leader showed that he’s memorized the phrase, “radical islamic terrorism.” He failed to mention the “radical christian terrorism” against Muslims and Jews and women’s health clinics by some of his emboldened followers, and didn’t invite any relatives of their victims to the speech.

Then, he listed his first month’s “accomplishments” – a bunch of hopeful promises, causing the Stock Market to surge – the Trump Effect – Snapchat?

Plus: Tax cuts for Corporations, and maybe a table scrap for the rest of us.
Trepublicrat Health Care Plan???? Social Security/Medicare – Don’t Worry!!!!
Deregulating and boosting Economic Growth – more like unleashing Big Corporations and Wall Street to wreck havoc! Buster’s Blog 12 – 17 – Economics, Etc. – 7 February 2017.

Some of his most egregious BS was saved for “Our Beloved Military” (if we recall correctly, he coined that term in his CPAC address), announcing his plan for a “massive” build-up. Even old Rand Paul, a staunch defender of our freedoms back in the Republicrat primaries, urged constraint, since we are already spending about as much as the next 10 countries combined, our defense budget was probably sufficient. Possibly one reason our new Commander-in-Chief is so high on our military is a tiny feeling of guilt over his own draft dodging back when he could have served, though normal human emotions are not typical for this dude. He’s very big on the term, Warriors, which came into vogue after the draft was ended, and with our more recent hostile experiments. It is part of the phony patriotism as practiced by many of our politicians (and many others), most of whom have only seen war in the movies. Besides, what is the Military/Industrial Complex going to do with all the armaments they are building? Of course, we’ll need another little war to use the stuff! That’s exactly how we blew the 6 Trillion Bucks overseas he keeps talking about! One thing’s for sure, the chief is proud of his troops, even commenting, “MY generals are the best.”

For pure theatrics, the lad outdid himself with his extended applause for Navy Seal Ryan’s wife. The man’s a genius at diverting bad stories to his advantage!

TWO BIG FIBS STAND OUT: Buy American, Hire American; I’ll wager this is NOT how he accumulated his $Billions! We’re United in Condemning Hatred;
Trump’s campaign rhetoric released a veritable explosion of hate from his followers! Bernie said it, and old pap and I agree, the man’s a fraud.

He only hit the “Enemy of the People” once, what happened? Busters Blog – About Time – 21 February.

Polls supposedly showed 70 % of Amuricans feeling more optimistic after the speech – apparently, the dear old Con Man hasn’t lost his touch!

Old pap and I plan to spend our time encouraging those hapless Demoblicans to straighten up in order to (hopefully) avert inevitable disaster.

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