Blog #120: Are We There Yet?

Well, we got through another Pi Day without a major catastrophe, and the Irish immigrants will sober up again in a few days, so there may still be hope for our good old U.S.ofA. Howsomever, every time we think it can’t get any crazier, boom, here comes another “tweet.”

The tweeter-in-chief is going to sue that cheery Rachael Maddow for exposing his 2005 tax return, which just happened to show he paid taxes that year, and his pals at Fox “News” were able to show he paid 25% of his income in taxes, while old Obama only paid 18% and cheap Bernie paid a lousy 13%. (That last part is called graduated tax rates, which, by the way, don’t come close to addressing our serious income inequality system). Now, considering how favorable this info was to the old shyster, just who do you think “leaked” the returns, so Rachael could show them on her tv program? Come on, he even forgot to scratch out, “Client Copy” before mailing them to her! If this dude ain’t the slipperiest con that ever slithered out the effluent pipe, I’ll be a monkey’s, not a hound doggie’s, uncle!

Old pap caught a snippet from one of his campaign stops where he, as usual, shouted, “I’ll never lie to you,” adding, “I’ll never tell you something I don’t believe!” Well, swell! The only problem: This crazy old fool believes anything he sees on his telly (if it’s a Fox channel), or on his ‘puter (if it’s one of those right-wing weirdo conspiracy theorists). So, his heart-felt pledge rings a tad hollow!

Talk about a busy, hard working executive! This here prez of ours in a single day, Friday, managed to insult Ms. Merkel, the British Intel Agencies, his pals at Fox “News,” the two-thirds of Amurican voters who didn’t vote for him, and even a bunch who did. With this kind of diabolical cunning working non-stop, 24 hours a day for our dear old U.S.ofA., we could achieve complete third-world status in his first 100 DAYS!

Well, golly ned, tomorrow all eyes (and ears) will be trained on that nice Inspector Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation while he testifies to Congress about what he can’t tell us due to “ongoing investigations.” You remember Inspector Comey, he’s the fellow who helped sink Hillary’s Presidential bid, not that she needed any help, she was doing a wonderful job of losing the election all by herself.

Be sure to tune in early tomorrow, Buster with old pap on the drums.

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