Blog #119: Tell Me It Ain’t So!

Our Illustrious Leader went to Nashville for another campaign rally; what’s he running for now? Anyway, he ran through his litany of horse hockey promises again, for the umpteenth time, sprinkling “believe me’s” like rose petals so often we lost count at around 75 or 80.

My old pappy had convinced me to forget this old fool, and concentrate on accentuating the positive, and getting the Demoblicans off their lazy butts, but this wild and crazy dude just won’t leave the “news” alone. BTW: He now says that Fox News treats him fairly (guess that’s since Megan Kelly left Fox). Our Glorious Supreme Leader is either an amazing visionary who will lead us to the promised land, or a fast talking carnival hawker taking us in to see the Bearded Lady! Reminds my old pap of an old plant manager up near State College, PA, who claimed his Daddy was either a Trustee at Penn State or a trusty at the State pen.

I’ve said this before, but the most egregious part of his long-winded recitations of pure BS is when he makes like a true blue patriot, praising the military and veterans; don’t his followers know that he was a freakin’ draft-dodger? Now, he wants to waste another 50 Billion bucks a year on the Military/Industrial Complex, and cut social safety nets, environmental, and any efforts at peace to pay for it. Oh yes, and he tells those poor saps, “I’m going to reduce your taxes (no one in that Nashville crowd was probably rich enough to see any of his tax cuts).

Please, don’t ask about the Health Care Plan he and his deranged pals in the White House and our Congress are scrambling around, or the unprecedented Obama wiretapping scandal.

How about that flirtatious lil Kellyanne? She’s been a “story” on PBS (which the evil wizard of odd will soon defund), and the Atlantic did a piece called, “Kellyanne’s Alternative Universe!”

Come on, pap, it’s getting too wild for an old fool and his old hound, Buster.

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