Blog #121: Inspector Comey Strikes Again

Yesterday, Director Comey confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into Russian meddling with possible Trump Campaign cooperation, and both he and NSA head, Michael Rogers, said that they have no evidence supporting the President’s claims of Obama wiretapping. If these matters weren’t so serious, one might be reminded of Inspector Clouseau or Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 exclaiming, “Sorry about that, Chief.”

Sadly, this pretender to absolute power, together with his advisor and his evil plan to destroy our government institutions, are extremely dangerous. Regardless of what their ties to Russia turn out to be, Mr. Gannon’s plan for utter disruption appears to be working exceedingly well with our allies and trading partners around the world. A nice example is Secretary Tillerson’s plan to skip the NATO Ministerial Meeting in favor of a little Vodka toast with his old pal, Vladimir Putin.

On the domestic front, things are going swimmingly as well, featuring total confusion characterizing the long heralded “Repeal and Replace” Order, and design of the yuge, beautiful wall reportedly progressing “on schedule and under budget.”

Meanwhile, our Illustrious (Wannabe) Supreme Leader was out in Louisville, rallying with a bunch of his adoring fans (maybe medical pot is not suitable for everyone, especially those who are already delusional), and reciting, for the umpteenth time, the entire litany of his campaign “promises.” The poor souls even applauded when he mentioned he was working on THEIR tax cuts, as though any of them will see a penny of that action! Then, again to loud approval, he told them that their 2nd Amendment was safe!!
Oh, BTW, the old con man completely ignored the FBI and NSA hearings.

As old pap and I see it, the only tiny ray of light in this whole dark “Mad” magazine scenario is the fact that the old artist has only been able to con about one third of eligible Amurican voters. If the hapless Demoblicans can somehow pull their act together, they can count on the more than one-third who voted for “Crooked” Hillary, and the remaining third who were too discouraged to vote at all just might be overjoyed to hear a sensible, positive plan to retrieve our dear old country from the precipice!

Peace, Buster and pap.


  1. Every time I see people at those rallies cheering about tax cuts, I think the same thing. If they get anything at all, it will be too small to even begin to offset all of the additional costs that come with the *rump administration. Buster, you’ve nailed it again!


    1. Thanks, Auntie Edye, my poor old pap’s losing it fast. He mistyped that Bannon dude’s name. Of course, it could have been because he imagined “gaging” which has three “G’s” when he thought of Bannon and the whole “cabinet from hades.” They are all enough to “gag a maggot!”


  2. Hey Buster – Good to see you’re still on top of your game. I haven’t been keeping up too well as of late. Sorry for that. A nice “win” yesterday, with the GOP’s failed attempt to repeal the ACA. Perhaps our old democracy still has some semblance of a pulse, however faint!


  3. Hey, Tim, Thanks for checking up on me and me old pappy. I’m going to try to comment on the “win” tomorrow. We’ll take ’em wherever they come from, right, even the disorganized Republicrats! When you can, please give old pap a ringy dingy (410-608-5457) to plan a brief stop at our place for a lil soup and sand, and maybe a bit of chatting. BTW: I’ll figure something out while he’s out East; I used to be fine typing on the old Corona, but, of course, these tiny ‘puter keypads give me trouble!


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