Blog #122: Who knew health care could be so complicated?

As he and his Republicrat colleagues were finally approaching their much vaunted “repeal and replace” plan in a rather uncoordinated manner (after 7 long years of gripping and often voting to repeal the ACA), our insightful and judicious Leader said, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” Our title is old pap’s and my stilted attempt at humorously paraphrasing the old boy. Of course, his ham-handed effort to corral the troops, and pass their ill-conceived “replacement” bill didn’t work, so, after blaming everyone in sight, he’s moving on! Good enough for you “Obamacare” slobs if you can’t take a joke!

Actually, has anyone ever heard of the Tweeter-in-Chief joking? We don’t think humor is in his vocabulary. We believe the EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome) from which he suffers, resulting in his unbelievably bloated ego, renders him incapable of comprehending humor. Of course, he’s decided to forgo the annual White House Correspondents Dinner since the time can be better spent working on his Tax Breaks for the Wealthy, The Wall, more Military/Industrial Complex waste, destroying our environment and alliances around the world, and harassing our non-white citizens and residents. Oh yes, most recently, he wants to help NASA get us to Mars!

So, he’s moving on, actually working at the White House on his tax “reform.” (as opposed to Mar a Lago on golf). I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath on receiving any reduction in your taxes though, unless you are a big corporation, or are fortunate enough to be among those in the upper tax brackets.

Risking tedious repetition, are we in deep do do yet, or what? We have two political parties with a single, common goal: reelection, and a president with serious mental health issues. See my Blog, About Time, 21 February 2017. Obviously, EPPS is only my less-than professional diagnosis, but it does foretell the difficulty the prez will have in admitting his problems and getting help.

It may be that our only hope is a third party led by someone with a bit of common sense, i.e., Old Bernie?

Keep you chin up, Bus and old pap.



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