Blog #123: Fun and Games?

It would appear that the current occupant of the White House is only superficially connected to reality. Now, the old Tweeter-in-Chief has decided, together with his thoughtful pals assembled therein, that a healthy environment, education, and art, among some other things are not CORE FUNCTIONS of our old Govamint. Gee, my old pappy remembers how much fun it was when you could walk across Lake Erie! Instead, he plans to BUILD THAT WALL, and waste many $Billions more on Nukes, drones, and other M/IC toys. See my blog 18 – Our Military & “Defense” Industry. BTW: He and old “Mad Dog” seem to be engaging in some creeping escalation of our lil “wars” over there in the Middle East.

His legislative schedule: Healthcare – “Nobody knew how complicated it is… I applied my “Art of the Deal” ultimatum, but you guys failed, so, the heck with it… (at WH dinner with Senators) We’re gonna do that Healthcare thingy, it is so easy!” This fellow either has a bad memory, he thinks we Amuricans do, or he’s losing the rest of his mind rapidly! Onward and Upward, to “Tax Reform” and “infrastructure!”

Bolstering the “team”: Resurrecting good old Chris Christy for a “Drug Addiction Task Force.” BTW, boys: Our own Big Pharma drugs are overtaking the Mexicans’ illegal stuff in destroying our kids.
Jared has volunteered to head up the New Office of Amurican Innovation! Wow!
Oh goody, here comes Ivanka to advise the old fool on where not to grab ladies.

All this action while tweeting smoke screens to cover the Russian connection! What a guy, though he still can’t stand a little constructive criticism from the “fake news” press corps. What’s that old saying? “If you can’t stand the heat, get the heck out of the Kitchen?”

Whoa! Responding to some of those “fake news” kiddos, good old Paul Ryan used my old pappy’s youngest (21 months old) granddaughter’s two favorite words, “NO” and “NO!”

As Bill Falk, Editor-in-chief of The Week Magazine so deftly put it, “Reality is catching up with satire!”

Hang in there folks, more fun to come, Buster and (groan) old pap.


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